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Monday, October 10, 2011

Olive oil and dogs? - Day 60

When I first started this going green challenge I thought I would never make it to 60 days. Well, I thought I could make it to 60, but then I would give up and run out of ideas. Not so. I am amazed by when you start looking at the ways to go green, things just pop up that you never even thought of. I am very grateful to not have run out of ideas. Now that I have said that, I will introduce my newest discovery.

Actually I have Daniel to thank for this one. This past summer the fleas have been so bad that we can't get them off the dogs. We applied flea and tick medication and it didn't phase the fleas. We started to wash the dogs multiple times a day and it would kill the fleas, but the dogs skin would get so dry. We just gave up and the dogs started to loose hair, and then weight, and then started crying all the time. We were so sad. Then two days ago Daniel read that olive oil drowns the fleas and at the same time keep the skin moisturized. The dogs are still itching, but I think it is from the bites left from the last fleas. They are completely gone and the dogs are eating normally again and sleeping. I have never been so happy for olive oil.


Candie said...

Wow, that is really good to know for all us dog-people out there. Thanks!

Michelle Church said...

That's neat you found that solution for them. I love olive oil. You can also drink a couple tablespoon to help your joints and it works great to condition your hair or for the skin around your eyes.