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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Fly Lady - Day 62

Daniel bought me this book soon after we were married and I started to read it and was so motivated, and then fizzled out. I didn't have kids then and was in school, so I guess I thought I didn't need her process. Now that I have kids I have been struggling with keeping my house clean and organized. I picked up this book again and started reading and following her process. I am doing much better. I struggle with being consistent. I am a creative person and I don't do well with confinement of any kind. Including a regiment. My favorite line in the whole book was about this problem I have. She says that this process will not confine you. After you have it down and it is like driving, your thoughts can wander. If you follow this process it will free up your day to do what ever you want to. So Now I am excited to do my process because it only takes a little of my time and the rest I can do what my heart wants. I hadn't thought about cleaning that way. My creativity flows better when my house is in order and I don't feel guilty about doing what I want. Here is a link to her website. You can follow the steps without reading the book, but it is more than just steps. She helps you work on yourself too.


Brooke said...

I LOVE Flylady! You've motivated me to get my copy off the shelf and read it!

Michelle Church said...

I didn't know you had the book, that's neat. I have so many friends who have done her program and love it.