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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Big boy now!

Oh my where does the time go? I was just looking at photos of Ben when he was first born and he has changed SO much since then! I can't believe it. He looks like a totally different kid! I love him to pieces and can't wait for the rest of his siblings!

Ben has hit some major milestones this week:

He can crawl! My relatively EASY child has turned into a mischievous little Houdini.

He fell asleep in his highchair playing with wooden spoons. One minute he was happy and alert and the next he was totally passed out!

He can pull himself up to standing position so we lowered his crib bed to the lowest position, and I can hardly reach him due to the nature of my stature.

He has discovered whining. He has this high pitched squeal that he lets out every few minutes. This kid needs a lot of interaction and attention.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Silver Dollar City

Daniel was able to get us free season passes through his work to the theme park Silver Dollar City. It has roller coaster rides, old time craftsman, activities like panning for gold, and then right now is world fest where they bring in a whole bunch of people from around the world. We went Thursday and had a blast. The park was built over a huge cave called Marvel Cave so this time we decided to take the tour. It is really cool! We had to carry Ben the whole time, but it was still fun. It lasted about an hour and we saw bats, cave formations, and got our picture taken. We also had lunch in the taste of the world...I had moussaka from Greece (It tasted like a hot dish), and Daniel had Bratwurst and sauerkraut from Germany. We saw a show called feet of fire from Ireland and they were amazing! I loved it and hope to someday be able to take lessons on Irish step dancing. Then we went on roller coaster rides. I went on this one called the barn swing where they swing you so high you feel like you will fall out. Then we both took turns on one called blast off. You go from 0-60 mph in 2 seconds. When I got in there was this kid who asked me if I had ever been on this one before, I said no and he said he hadn't either and was a little nervous! They take a photo right away and We had to buy it because of the look on the kids face! Ben loved the whole day. He just sat in his stroller and watched everything happen. We had so much fun and can't wait to go back during the next festival!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ben holding on to Daniels ears!

Coloring eggs

"Hunting" eggs

Easter basket

All his goodies

Easter was such a fun holiday this year! Daniel and I had so much fun filling Ben's eggs. We had to find things to fill them with instead of candy. We mostly did matchbox cars and little animals. We hid eggs under pillows and he did a good job finding them and pulling them out. He wasn't very happy when we were coloring eggs. He colored mommy more than the egg, but it was just for tradition. We also went over to the Guenin's house on Easter and ate good food and had and Easter basket with lots of goodies. Silas my nephew hasn't had a hair cut since he was born and it was starting to get really long, so hid daddy held him while I cut it as fast as I could. I think he looks better after the cut!