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Saturday, July 19, 2008


Brittany walking
Daniel walking
The graduates!
David, Daniel, Brittany, Michelle & Nathan
My poor swollen feet!

Friday, July 18th was graduation for both Daniel and I. We are so thrilled to be done with our bachelors degree. It is such an accomplishment and we are both very proud of each other. Michelle, David and Nathan all attended our graduation and took these wonderful photos! The President of the college presented us with our degrees as well as Sister Beck, the General Relief Society President of the Church. I thought it was way too hot the whole time and my poor feet show the outcome of that. They swelled up like little sausages! I would have rather gone through labor, but then again I guess I have to experience labor before I can compare it to other things! Any ways, we are done and Tuesday we start our journey to the other end of the country!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Benjamin has been tagged!

Well Benjamin's cousin Nathan has tagged him so I will do my best to relay the message through morse code!

Name: Benjamin Daniel Hamman
Age: 83 days till I am supposed to come into the world
Nicknames: Kid, baby, Ben, The king, Elvis
Favorite activities: hanging out with mom, kicking vital organs, kicking anything that invades my precious space, sleeping
Favorite foods: watermelon, ice cream, cold water, veggies and dip, root beer
Favorite music: I will kick if you put the speaker next to my moms stomach
Favorite book: The only book they read to me is a Portuguese text book. I plan on being bi-lingual
Favorite clothing: Nothing! I love to be nakie!
What makes me happy: when mom eats good food, when daddy reads to me
What makes me angry: People invading my space, loud movies, having to live in cramped quarters, bumpy roads

I am a very active baby and can't wait to come out!
I guess that is as good as it gets for now! see ya soon!

Friday, July 11, 2008

27 Week appointment

So I had a doctors appointment yesterday. I was supposed to be nervous due to a glucose test that was scheduled for this appointment, but I got nervous for a very different reason. So forty five minuets before my appointment I was supposed to take this drink that was full of sugar. It tasted like a sprite with no carbonation. It wasn't bad at all. Then when I get to the doctors office they draw my blood to check to see if I have gestational diabetes. I really didn't want that, because then my diet would be really restricted. So I get to the doctor and they first weigh me and I have gained 5 lbs! I am up to 128 which makes the grand total 23 lbs! I am doing good. As the nurse was leaving she said something about having to get a shot and I didn't really understand, and she said the doctor would explain more. So the doctor came in and we measured my belly, which is 1 1/2 weeks larger than I should be, and listened to the baby's heart beat. He was really hyper and kicked the machine. Then he said that I would have to get a shot and I asked him to explaine. What I remember is that he told me my blood type is o-. If my baby is a positive blood type I have to have a shot after the baby is born so my body won't kill my next baby. I got really scared here and emotional. I had heard of this before, but what was confusing is that I thought I always had A+ blood type. I have never give blood, so the only record of it would be at birth. My mom thought I had that blood type too. So anyways I got one shot yesterday. I asked Daniel what his blood type was and he thought it was o- too. so maybe I will be lucky and have an o- baby and not have to get a shot. weird stuff!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wonderful world of wisdom teeth

So for about three years I have been needing to get my wisdom teeth removed. The insurance that the school offers doesn't cover dental at all. So I kept putting it off and it got to be painful. My jaw has a click and would get stuck so I had to adapt. I couldn't chew gum or tough meat. one of my wisdom teeth came through the skin and that was way painful. So anyways I am now pregnant and on Medicaid, which covers dental. So I went to the dentist and had some cavities filled. I asked if they could take them out and they said that yes they could and I should. So July 3rd was the date. I planned it for that day because we had the fourth off and would give me more recovery time. I kept asking people about their experiences with removing their teeth. I heard so many horror stories that I was expecting to be out for a week. I tried to get ahead on my homework so that I could miss some days the following week. So I was so ready the day of. I had Daniel drop me off and they got started right away. They numbed the skin with numbing cream and then got started poking my mouth with needles filled with Novocaine. This part was a little intense. They numbed my entire mouth so I felt like I had a big fat lip. He started on my left side. Because they were out of the skin and close to the surface it took about 5 seconds and both slipped right out! Literally 5 seconds and they were out! Then he moved to the right side. The bottom one had a little pressure and the top one took a little pulling and pressure, but they were both out with in a few minutes. I have stitches in the bottom two and have to go back in a week. The dentist said that two things determine your recovery: how much pressure he used and how long it took. So I was peachy keen! Because I was pregnant they could only prescribe tylenol. I have not had a ton of pain and I am eating close to normal. It is a little sore and the worst part was trying to sleep the first night. I am a side and stomach sleeper, and I couldn't do either. I never experienced swelling very much wither. I would have to say that this was the best worst experience of my life thus far. Labor I hope will be just as easy!