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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two big milestones and a super something

Tayrien turned four months! time has flown by even faster it seems than when Ben was a baby. Tayrien has hit two very huge milestones in his life in the past week.

One was getting his first hair cut, He was stating to look like a clown, because the hair on top and the sides was growing longer and faster than the back. I just trimmed the sides and it looks tons better.

The second was he got his first tooth! I didn't know four month old babies could get teeth! He woke up this morning crying (unusual), nursed and went back to sleep for three hours! When he woke he was non stop fussy (unheard of), and super drooly. He also had a temp of 101.4 degrees. I tried to find a tooth, but couldn't. I gave him Tylenol and a warm bath for the temp. I talked to our nurse and she couldn't come up with a reason for the temp either. I thought that there had to be a ooth in there, I must not be looking hard enough. Sure enough I found the hidden tooth and it already poked through the gums! Poor baby! He is really miserable! I heard that the longer it takes for a child's teeth to appear, the healthier and straighter the teeth. I hope that is just a myth!

Four month stats:
-Height: 24
-Weight: 14
-Head circumference: 16
-Push up chest when on tummy
-Takes a bottle beautifully
-Can sit in bumbo (has for a month now)
-Only wakes up once a night
-He is very strong and sits up all the time
- Follows people with eyes and head
-Laughs a lot
-Lactose intolerant
-Takes a binky (I love)

Daniel built a brand new super computer. When I mean super, I mean super huge! The case hits the middle of my thigh when it it flat on the ground! He loves it and I can say I do to! More picture space!

Watching horse movies on youtube with daddy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow! Snow!

Last night we had a snow storm. We got about 2 inches. THis was not Ben's first snow, but it was the first time he could go out and play in it. When he woke up this morning I said "Lets look outside!" We ran to the front door and when opened, Ben jumped out, pointed and yelled "SNOW! SNOW!" HE was so excited and I told him we could go out and play later. We waited till Tayrien took his morning nap and then suited up. I put mittens on Ben's hands. They are black so after I put them on he looked at them for a minute and then exclaimed "Mickey Mouse?" So adorable!
Ok so we go outside and I try to take a photo before he gets to snowy but he is just so interested in the stuff. He walks around observing and playing with it. He tries to wipe it off the car and then doesn't want his mitten on anymore so he throws them. Ok whatever, you will learn soon enough what mittens are for. I took a spray bottle and filled it with paint and water and gave it to Ben to paint the snow with. He LOVED this idea. After a while of that he looked at me and said "Cold!" Meaning his hands were too cold. I asked him if he wanted me to take the spray bottle and we could go inside and he said no. He kept painting till he lost interest and then started to roll around in the snow. All of a sudden he realized that the snow isn't fun on your skin, but rather really cold. His face got this shocked look and then started screaming! He wouldn't move. He just sat in the snow and cried. I had to carry him inside and he kept saying, "Warm, mom, warm!"
I guess his first experience was eye opening and we will try it again later!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two little men

It seems like the time is flying way faster with Tayrien being little as opposed to when Ben was a baby. I don't find it hard to have Tayrien around, most of my stress comes from Ben and the terrible two's.

Tayrien 3 months
Tayrien weighs 14.5 lbs. He is already in 6 month clothing. Ben stayed in the range of six months clothing for 9 months! He is small for his age. I think Tayrien will pass through this size much faster. He loves to be talked to and has the best smile. He has one dimple in his right cheek and I LOVE it. His cheeks are also HUGE. He has a ton of hair still and can already pull up to the sitting position. He gets called a girl about once a week, even when dressed in blue. People have to say something about his hair the second they see him.

He has had gas and digestive issues since 1 month old and the doctor just thought it was colic. I am allergic to milk and have been trying different alternatives. One week I tried lactose free milk and Tayrien's digestive issues stopped. He started having a BM every day again, no gas, and I started to notice that he wasn't as greasy or stinky- like in his neck where babies collect junk. I used to have to bathe him every day due to the greasy-ness, but since I haven't had lactose milk, I haven't had to do it daily. Hi hair is two inches long on the top and is thick!

Tayrien and Ben both caught a cold over the Holiday's and Tayrien's progressed to a double ear infection and bronchitis. I couldn't even tell the difference in his behavior. He is such a great baby.

Daniel and I spent the night in St. Louis to attend a Temple sealing of the Holloways. They were a part member family and the dad was our Realtor. He joined about a year ago and we love their family! The boys stayed with my mom overnight and they were awesome. Tayrien was sick, but he did relatively well. It was so fun for Daniel and I. We ate at a Brazilian restaurant and loved the Temple like always!

They are both on pretty much on the same schedule for nap time and bed time. It is really nice to not have two different schedules. That way I get some mommy time.

He is such a momma's boy!

Benny 2 years old

Benny is going through a hard phase. Not hard for him, but hard for me. He likes to throw more tantrums and especially in public. He gets to go to his room a lot more for bad behavior. He really is such a sweet little boy. I love the cute things he does or says. He likes to say a phrase and then add mom or dad to the end. ("Uh oh! Me fall down mom!", "Me jump dad!") He loves the movie "Spirit" about a horse and wants to watch it 20 times a day. Some days I wish he could, but I only allow once. We bought him a little horse figurine on our trip and he carries it around everywhere. He feeds it and sleeps with. I found him on top of it the other night.

He loves his baby brother and sometimes is a little too rough. I found him IN Tayrien's crib the other day! He loves playing with his dogs and runs through the house chasing them or they chase him. He loves to read scriptures and go to church. He has moved into a big boy bed and Tayrien has moved into the crib!

He loves to eat cheese and fruit. The second he hears a wrapper he yells "Candy me mom!" When you ask him what is his name he sassy "2" and when you ask him how old he is he says"Ben". He loves football and yells "touchdown!" sporadically throughout the game or when he sees a football.
He is my little sweetheart!

I found this banana on the counter...I guess he can reach them now...and peel them.

I am so blessed to have such sweet little men to call mine.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New years goals

Thanks for all the advice everyone. I actually have the book the Fly Lady and started it in college, but got to busy to implement anything and forgot about it. I started reading it again last night. I realize today that I don't need to finish everything in one day, and to just let some of it go until tomorrow. I can do Baby steps. I already got rid of a box of things for the thrift store! I also had time to make muffins today! Instead of wearing myself ragged trying to do everything today, I did about half and gave more time to my kids and myself! If momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy, and today I was HAPPY!

I feel like I have struggled for a long time now trying to find a balance between kids, chores, hubby, me time, and church. The kids are number 1 everyday so I can't change that-nor would I want to. Some days are better then others and depending on those days I feel lucky if I can get one more of those categories. Yesterday was a total kids day. As soon as Ben fell asleep for nap time Tayrien woke up and wanted to be held the rest of the day. I did not get anything done. Does anyone else have days like this?
I have always grown up thinking women did certain things in the household like dishes, laundry, cleaning and taking care of kids. I feel totally overwhelmed with this without adding kids to the mix. I don't know know how women did things 30+ years ago. I think I would have to be drunk or on happy pills to have lived back then. I just can't do it all. I feel guilty about not getting things done and that the house looks like the same mess when Daniel comes home from when he left. I also feel guilty wanting him to help me with chores and the kids when he gets home from work. He is sooo busy with work, school and church that I don't want to overwhelm him more than he already is.
I HATE messes and clutter, but no matter how much determination I have my house is always out of order. The toys are more under control now that I have a toy box, but somehow there is more mess. Maybe it comes from having two little ones under the age of 3. I sure hope so. I can at least get through this if there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Well, that's my venting for the morning. Sorry to unload. What do you guys do to balance your chaos?
Ok so the reason I mention this is that it is number 1 on my New Years goals list. Here it the rest:

1. Get a system down for kids, housework, etc.
2. get my young women's recognition again
3. attend the Temple monthly
4. read 2 new books
5. read scriptures daily
6. support and uplift my husband
7. school time for Ben at least weekly
8. FHE every week

What is on your list?