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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baby Shower

Today was my baby shower! Daniel's sister Michelle was the one who threw it for me and she did such a wonderful job! The theme was baby bird so there were nests with jordan almonds in them for the eggs and we painted bird houses to go with the color scheme. She made cupcakes with baby birds on top and they were soooooo adorable! They even had birds singing in the background for effect! The food was so good. I loved every part of it! We even both wore outfits that color coordinated! She made this really cute diaper cake and it had leaves and a nest on top. My friend Kami who went to Europe with me came and our friend Ally who just had a baby girl six weeks ago came. We played some really fun games. We saw a tray of baby supplies for fifteen seconds and then we had to remember what was on the tray. Ally one that game. The next game was a scrambled up baby words game. It was super hard, but Ally one that one too! I guess it is so fresh in her mind. The last game we played was a baby food guessing game. The labels were taken off and we had to smell and guess what food it was. I was awful. I thought bananas was really turkey! I guess my sniffer was taking the day off. I laughed so hard during the games. The prizes were these cute little tins filled with bath confetti! I go such cute things from the girls. Kami got me an accessories kit for my breast pump which was on my registry. Ally got me tons of newborn diapers, wipes, shampoo, lotion, baby powder, a few really cute outfits with bugs and dinosaurs on them and a rub off sticker that says "sweet little one". Michelle and David got us two cute outfits, a little hat, a pair of tennis shoes, a beenie, and socks. I had so much fun! I am so thankful she took so much time and effort to make the cutest shower ever!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rigby Lake

My new bathing suit!

Michelle and Nathan
Cool Dude!
Eating his shoe!

So today Michelle (Daniel's sister), Nathan (her 7 month old), and I went to Rigby lake for some fun. We got there around 1pm and there were sooo many people there! I think everyone was tired of the cold and ready to start the Summer. We loaded up the stroller and all our gear and settled on the beach. The sand was very hot, but she brought a blanket. Nathan had just woken up from a nap and didn't understand where we were. Soon he was sitting in his cool blue chair with a hat and sunglasses. He is so adorable! I went strait for the lake. It was really cold the first time, but it was great after that. I think this is the first summer I can appreciate swimming in cold water. Usually I get cold after ten min. and lay on the beach. I had to stay in water the whole time! I was so hot! I love my new swimming suit! I had been looking for one about a month ago and found this purple one at Old Navy. I love it and it is so comfortable. I wish I could wear it all the time! So anyways, Nathan was in the sun for about ten min. and got burnt to a crisp. So we decided to leave and it was fine with me! Next time I will bring a chair so I can sit in the water. It was really fun and I got some sun, even though we left before 2pm. I can't wait to go next time!

Friday, June 13, 2008

getting ready for baby!

So I realized the other day that the first Holiday my baby will be able to take part in will be Halloween. I then thought that I probably won't have the energy to make a costume for my little one the following weeks after giving birth. So I decided to make it now so that I am totally ready! I looked online at costumes for ideas and found a few that were adorable! Daniel and I decided on a turtle. We chose this because the baby will probably be on his stomach or I will be holding him the whole time, so the puffy shell would fit perfectly and be the main focal point! So I had so much fun this week and here is the finished project. It is a normal sleeper I made and then I also made a tube with a shell on top. So he can wear the sleeper for longer than just one night, but that he has a cute costume! I think it is my way of nesting before the baby comes. I look forward to more holidays and costumes!