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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mommy Blogger - Would you be my friend?

I have wanted to start a blog for a while with tutorials, giveaways, spongers, and all around goodness. I recently have been approached by a friend who would like to help launch me into the world. I have tons of my own ideas about this venture, but sometimes I can be way off target. I would like to know from you guys which of these categories would be most beneficial (you may choose as many as you want):

  1. cooking
  2. sewing
  3. holiday crafts/decor
  4. refinishing furniture
  5. home decor/antiques
  6. school activities for kids (activities, field trips, projects)
  7. book club
  8. thriftiness
  9. gardening
  10. photography
  11. health and beauty
  12. hair tutorials
  13. make up tutorials
  14. working with wood (building)
  15. organization
  16. family relationships
  17. exercise
  18. fashion
  19. music
  20. art
You can also offer your own ideas if I did not mention it. Depending upon the response will shape my journey! I hope you guys are along for the ride!


Friday, March 18, 2011

The biting Owl

Tayrien has started to bite me during feedings. The teeth he did have play hide and seek and go in and out of the gums, but never really get big enough to cause damage. The WIC lady told me to take him off and let him sit for a minute before resuming the feeding to show that if you bite, the milk goes away. This doesn't seem to be working. It happens every feeding and now he will bite and jerk in a different direction. Not fun. Sometimes I also yelp "ouch" as a natural reaction, but it doesn't effect him. Anyone have any other tips, or do I jest keep up what I am currently doing?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Favorite Friday

I thought I would start sharing my favorite things again.

Felt little watches


Organize toys

Monster bag

A bag that both mother and child get to hold

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New glasses, Joe, and Cheerios

After two years of wearing the same contacts, I got new ones. They feel so nice when they are in. Like there is nothing there. I love that feeling. I also picked up some new glasses. My old ones were really dated prescription wise too. I love them and I feel so trendy!

My brother Joseph plays basket ball every year and this year we only made it to one game. We had so much fun, but Ben especially.

Ben and I also made a cheerios necklace during craft time one day. He posed for pictures and then about 2 minutes later they were all eaten. It is better than a candy necklace!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tayrien ran away with the spoon

When Ben was 5 months I tried to feed him rice cereal. He could have cared less. He might have swallowed some accidentally. So he kind of skipped that step and went strait for the veggies.

Tayrien has reached that same age, so I decided to give it a try. I thought I would get the same reaction as Ben gave. I Prepared a very little bit. I hate wasting. I had Daniel film and take pictures and Ben sat by looking on. He was kind of fussy since it was near bed time. As soon as I placed the spoonful of cereal in his mouth there was this wave of emotion. It was as if he was saying "Where have you been all my life! I love food!!!" It was very cute. He would get fussy when the food was swallowed and you didn't get him more soon enough. As soon as the spoon entered his mouth he would giggle. The change of emotions was hilarious! Because I only prepared a very little bit, as soon as it was gone I knew I had to hurry and make more. Tayrien screamed until he had more food in his mouth! Then it was all giggles. He would follow the spoon from the bowl to his mouth and back. He was a hawk! I probably fed him a 1/2 cup of cereal. The box recommends 1 Tbsp for the first time. 4 Tbsp is a full serving.

That night he slept like a bug in a rug. He only woke once. Every time I feed him it is the same reaction. Crying until the food is in his mouth then all giggles.

This one is out of focus, but look at Tayrien's expression!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vacation to Arizona - Part 2

Two days during the first week we met my cousins on the Tayrien side of the family at the park. The first day was my cousin Erin, her little girl Charlotte (Ben's age), and her twins Abigail and Oliver. They are the cutest kids ever and Having twins is not an easy task especially with a two year old! Erin's sister Kori and her two little boys Spencer and Tanner met us there as well. The kids played while we visited and ate lunch. The little boys all got sunburned. It was so sad! Poor Christian got the worst of it. The second day we went to the park Erin and her kids came again as well as My cousin Allison with her kids Preston, Brigham + Caleb (twins) and her new baby Jacob, Her sister Stephanie and her twin girls Holland and Grace, Their sister Natalie, and their mom Donnie. So if you count right, there were three sets of twins! My Grandma Tayrien came both days as well. I found her feeding Ben a diet Dr. Pepper at one point and giving him sugary snacks! If grandma's spoil then great-grandma's really spoil!

The Friday we were there we went to the Phoenix Zoo. I have always loved this Zoo. The boys had a lot of fun. Ben dropped his shoe in the Giraffe pen, but we found someone to retrieve it for us. Ben and I rode a camel. I talked it up and he was really excited, until we climbed on. He cried and kept saying "Done!" and "Down!" We ate lunch at this Little People park and it was so cute! My dad bought us some churros. He is crazy about them! They are this long skinny cinnamon pastry thing. My dad grew up right by the Zoo so he took us on a little tour. We saw his old elementary school and the place his house used to be. It is now an apartment complex, but the last remaining piece from when he lived there is this little section of a wall.

Another reason for going to Arizona other than visiting family was to attend my friends sealing in the Mesa Temple. They are the Horvath family and I am really good friends with Amanda. Ben and their son Lucas are the same age and were in nursery together until they split the wards. It was so special to see a family being sealed. It was very emotional and so spiritual. Thank you guys for letting me be apart of it! You have such a beautiful Eternal family! Also that night I had the priviledge to help my dad clean the top floor of the Temple which included the Celestial room. It was such a special experience. We were able to be all alone in God's house and I will cherish it forever.

My parents have taken in a few stray cats - teenagers - and friends of my little brother Justin. I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with them and am glad they are now my friends too! This is Nichelle and Tayrien. She combed his hair and I thought it looked like an old mans comb over!I love Tayrien's face in this picture!

I forgot to include a photo of Ben's contraption for the airport, I included it here!