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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baby kicking!

So the other night my confirmations were made manifest! I actually saw the baby kick my tummy! I was lying in bed before I was going to sleep and I felt this really hard lump in the general area of the baby. I pushed it a little and it kicked back. I stopped and thought about it for a second. I realized that yes there is something in there and it is kicking me back! To further my curiosity I poked it a little and again it kicked in anger, " hey stop poking me!" I had gone to the movies that day and had a large root beer. This is my first one in a very long time, and I didn't think it would effect my baby. Boy was I wrong! after a little poking and watching it kick, I called Daniel in to feel and see it. He was a little weirded out by this. I wouldn't blame him, I was still in shock my self. So after this little episode the soda kicked in and he started bouncing of the walls of my insides. I cannot accurately describe what a baby's kick feels like. To me it feels like a bowl full of water and a blind goldfish doesn't know where it is going. Today I had class and kind of slumped over to take notes. a little time passes and I feel this kicking against my bladder. This was not as enjoyable as the encounter the night before. It hurt! He was again reminding me that there isn't enough room in there and that I should be considerate and stretch out. I think the shock of me being able to feel it move inside has passed, but now I am intrigued because my baby already has a personality. I am most excited to figure out what that is and compare it with the baby that will pop outside of me in the future. It is like Christmas, but I get little hints a long the way. I was always really good at guessing my presents...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So yesterday we too the time to go to the pets store and pick out a collar for each of the dogs. We had gotten some before, but they never lasted. The pugs necks are fatter than their heads, so they never stayed on. they would always wriggle out of them in the middle of a walk. So we had given up all hope of tagging them in case they got loose. So back to picking out collars, we decided to just bite down and get ones that self adjusted so that we could tighten the collars as much as we needed for them not to fall off. Then we got them each new name tags with updated phone numbers. If you have never seen a tag machine work I highly recommend you make find a reason and watch it. It is so cool! so anyways, we came home and put their rabies tag, name tag and collar around their necks. I feel much better about having the info with them at all times. I was regretting a little bit this morning when they were running around the house with clinking tags while I was trying to sleep. Oh well, I guess I can live with it!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New York!!

Daniel applied for an internship last October, while I was in Europe, at the United Nations. When we found out we were pregnant we kind of moved on from it and didn't think about it. It is such a hard internship to get into. He is competing with the whole world and only one is chosen. We think only one American is chosen and you have to be in graduate school. Daniel has not finished his bachelors. So one day we get this e-mail offering him the internship! It is such a blessing that he was able to get it that we had to take it. So our baby will probably be born in a taxi cab in the middle of traffic! No just kidding, but we are both planning on going, even though it is unpaid. I am hoping my mom will be there for the birth! I am excited for the festive holidays which will occur while we are there. My dad and Kathy are coming for Thanksgiving and we will attend the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. It has been tradition to eat lucky charms and watch the parade every year for us both, so we are excited. There is so much to do there! I am most excited for the button shopping!!!! They have stores dedicated solely to buttons. This is such a great opportunity for our little family. We don't think we will be taking our puppies with us. It will be easier to find housing that way. sniff!sniff!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Baby Hamman

So I was introduced to this great website that you all have to go to and enter guesses. It is called expectnet.com, and you enter the game name "Hammanbaby". As soon as the guesses pop up, don't read them. Click the enter a guess button and it will bring up a screen for you to enter various guesses about our baby. When the baby does come, they add points up and there will be a winner! I thought it would be a fun game for family and friends to play! Daniel and I guessed separately and had very similar answers. I am having a hard time fitting into my normal clothes now. If I wear jeans I use a rubber band to hold them together in the front. It works just fine! I am excited for summer, so I can wear less restricting clothes. It isn't like I am huge or anything, just uncomfortable. I am sure it will get only worse!