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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May days

I am in love with the warmer weather. We have been spending more time outside enjoying it!I have been building up a storm and Ben is right there with me "building" too. Tayrien is growing up so fast, so I decided to share some stats with you.

Weight: 15.5 lbs
Loves to eat: Crackers, teething biscuits, any type of baby food

He has been able to sit up for a while now and is crawling all over the place!He got his shots the other day and didn't even cry when they stuck him! He is such an easy baby. He loves toys and baby signing time.

He recently started to give kisses. He started one day when I was laying on my bed and he crawled right over to my face and started putting his mouth on my face. I didn't understand what he was doing, so I placed him away from my face and e came right back and did it again. It wasn't until the third time I realized it. He would place his mouth on my face and start cooing. No sucking or butting, just kissing.It was sooo cute! He gives them all the time now.

He always wakes up happy. Always! He can now hold his own bottle when we do give him one.

He loves the puppy dog we gave him for Easter. He sleeps with his arm around him. We took him with us to go get shots and I think it helped.

He fell asleep holding on in his highchair.

Holding his own bottle

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter 2011

Here are some photos of our Easter fun this year. We had a Parents as teachers egg hunt where the boys took pictures with the Easter bunny. Ben was afraid of him so Gram held him next to the bunny. My granny was able to be there too. It is so special to have her be apart of he great grandchildrens events!

A few days later we died eggs with Uncle Tucker. Ben had so much fun this year. Tayrien even dyed his very own egg.

This year we started carrying on the tradition of a scavenger hunt to find their Easter baskets. Tayrien was to small, but Ben had a blast. We used pictures instead of clues until he can read. He was so cute. He would take the picture with him and put the matching photo on the item. When he finally reached his basket he was so excited! I wanted him to fall in love with his new horse, but he was more interested in the plate he got...oh well. He loves the horsie now. We kept asking him what he wanted to name his new friend and he kept repeating friend. So we named him amigo.

We went to my moms house on the Friday after Easter for an Easter egg hunt with my brothers kids and Joe. Partly because it was raining the weekend before and partly because we wait till after Easter to get all the candy and gifts on sale! Ben was so funny. He would find one egg, return to the basket, and eat the candy. I kept telling him to go find more eggs. He finally caught on. My mom started a new tradition of having a golden egg with money in it for the kids to find. They each had their own with their name on it. This was a big hit with little kids.

Sunday we had dinner at my moms house. I love holidays!