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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Family Home Evening chart - Day 58

When I was preggo with Ben my Relief Society made FHE boards as a craft for Christmas. They supplied the boards, paint, and vinyl words. I had to supply the knobs or hooks and the tags with names. It sat in my storage for two and a half years and I finally found what I wanted for knobs. I was once again at my favorite shop and saw these old glass knobs. They were small for a dresser and relatively cheap, so I went for it. I got three clear and two white with texture. I applied them to my board and I couldn't be more happy. I made these cute little paper tags, but they only lasted a few months before little hands grabbed and munched them up. So I am still in the market for what I can do for tags. It was super easy to make and everyone needs an FHE board! Let me know what you guys suggest for tags that can hold up to boys!