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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Armor etch - Day 66

I attended a bridal shower a week ago and my mother and I went in together on it. We got her a 9x13 glass pan with a lid and some other things, but we wanted to personalize the dish. We picked up some armor etch from the craft store and used the cricut to cut her new last name in vinyl. You adhere the vinyl to the side of the glass and slather on the armor etch. The directions say to leave it for 60 seconds, but I left mine on for a few minutes. You have to make it thick and don't let it touch your skin!!! Then take it to the sink and rinse the stuff off. Peel the vinyl off and let it air dry. There you go!

 Check the backside to make sure you have covered every part


1 comment:

Michelle Church said...

That is super cool. I love that. I have seen people with that and always thought it was the greatest idea.