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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vacation to Arizona - part 1

About once a year I visit family in Arizona. When Ben was under two it was easy, because he was a lap child and there was just him. Now there is two of them and one of me. Daniel was not able to come with us this time, so I had to really prepare to make it through this trip.

We had two carry-on rolling suitcases, a backpack, a diaper bag, and a car-seat. I had seen these attachments where you place your car-seat on a little contraption and it would roll. You then would place your child in it and it functioned as a stroller. They retail for $80 and I am cheap, so I looked on amazon for something that was comparable. They were still expensive. Then I started to read the comments and this person came up with their own contraption using hooks, straps, and the built in clips of the car seat. I looked at what I had on hand and made my own as well. It worked so well! Everyone stared and said "That is smart!" So how it works is I made a "T" strap with three hooks. You use a single rolling luggage as the base. You place the carseat in front of it and take the hooks you would use in the car and clamp onto the "T" strap hooks. Tighten and then you have a stroller! This way I don't have two suit cases and a rolling car-seat, but one for each hand!Tayrien was in a moby wrap around my middle.

I was also nervous of Ben running away from me on this trip, so I made a cuff for him to wear that had fun fabric on the outside and his name, my name, and my phone number on it. Then we practiced saying "Where is your mommy" and he would point to his cuff. Ben loved it!

So We flew out of Arkansas because it was cheaper. When we were about to go through security there was this nice lady and her young son who asked if they could help. I said "Yes!" So she helped get us through with less stress. Then we went to the gate and another couple asked to help us through to the plane. We found a row of three seats and no one sat by us! Ben was cooperative with the seat belt and taking off. He loved flying like Buzz Lightyear. He watched movies and colored with color wonder stuff and was a great boy! Tayrien fell asleep for half the trip and I put him on the extra seat.

When we landed someone helped us get off, When I rolled through the doors I was greeted by chuckles from Dad and Kathy. I am sure I looked funny!

The first thing we did was go to a thrift store. I found so many wonderful things. I love thrift stores! We also went out to eat at Matta's. It is a Mexican food restaurant that my family has been going to for years. My Grandma Tayrien goes every Monday with her siblings. It was so yummy! Ben loved the chips and salsa and dad and Kathy couldn't believe that he was eating something so hot! We also met Christian, My sister Samantha's little boy for the first time. He is so cute! He is between Ben and Tayrien's age. Ben and Boo had so much fun while we were there.

The next day was church. Ben had a little trouble sitting still during sacrament meeting, so my dad took him outside to see the horses just over the fence. He loved this! He went to nursery just fine and was good they said. The rest of Sunday was a lazy day.

Monday I went over to my Aunt Racheel's house (a few blocks away) to visit her family and Granny. We went in to their backyard and played with their dog Bruser and watched their chickens. Ben loved the dog and Granny had a ball with us. Ben also picked lemons of their tree and Granny made us lemonade. It was so good!!! When it was lunch time we walked home and ate In and Out Burger.Then we walked back to see my cousins Brookie, her little one Rhett, Brucie, his wife Chanteal, and their week old baby girl Bristyn. Tayrien looked so tiny next to Rhett and so big next to Bristyn!Dad took us out to Chillies for Valentines day. When I got home I found a vase of beautiful flowers from my wonderful husband! They were the prettiest I had seen! I sure do love him!