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Friday, January 30, 2009

Benjamins Crib

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So here is my wonderful crib I finally have! It was my graduation present from Daniel's parents and I have waited to get it until I knew where we were going to be living. I researched for a really long time which one I wanted. I wanted it to be sturdy so Ben couldn't shake or break it, dark wood, and be able to used in any position (no apparent front or back). It was easy to set up and is really beautiful. I am so happy with it! It also came with a toddler bed conversion rail, so I don't have to find or purchase one. I can also use it for a play area away from the dogs nad where he can't roll off. I love it and it is the nicest piece of furniture we own!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Last week I didn't feel right. There was one day I felt icky and gross and maxed out, but I couldn't cry. I have never felt like that before. Usually I am overloaded, cry and be done with it. I couldn't cry. I felt like an empty shell. I felt broken. Daniel took me out thinking it was just being cooped up too long. I didn't want to eat anything, but felt better after I did. That night I got angry at Daniel for no reason. That had been happening for a while now too. I couldn't explain why I was always angry at him, I just was. The next day was better, but not much. The next day I was angry again, but this time I broke down and cried. It felt good to cry. We thought maybe I have depression. The next day I talked to my mother in-law and my mom. It was clear something was missing or wrong with me. I realized that all the things I enjoy weren't making me happy anymore. I didn't want to sew. I could care less about any movies or television. Chocolate didn't even make me feel better. I looked up some articles on Postpartum Depression. Some of the things made sense and fit my problem: I experienced a big life changing event right before the birth ( moving to Missouri and graduating college), I had had problems with the birth (I had a c-section), I can't take a nap during the day if my life depended on it because I am too anxious, even if someone watches him. Some other problems that don't help is that I live in a tiny room with two other people and three dogs, I have no car to get away, and I have no money to do anything. So I think that I probably have PPD. Ben has an appointment next Wednesday, so I am going to ask my doctor then about this problem. It definitely helps to talk to people about it and to know that there is a fix, but I still feel Br0Ke_N. .. .

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have been hearing for months now that some people take their baby to the Chiropractor to get adjusted and they said it helped tremendously. Well, I was a little afraid of this...I have never been to one and didn't know what to expect. I finally broke down and went. It was a little cooky... he used this method were he felt the electricity in his spine to determine where to correct him. I took my mom with me and she was freaked out by this weird process. So he said he needed a few thing adjusted, so I laid him on the table and he twisted and popped his neck...scary! After that he used a little tool to pop his spine back into place down his back. Well, I thought if it doesn't help anything I won't go back in a week. So by the time the next appointment rolled around I was trying to remember what improved (a really hard thing to do now). I realized that he slept better and longer, wasn't so fussy, and wasn't so gassy. It was a little improvement, but at least it helped. So I went back again and he readjusted him again and I observed more improvments. He used to not like his tummy at all and now he is really good at laying on his tummy and pushing up his chest. Then what I thought was Ben teething because all of the symptoms, wasn't it, becasue they all have gone away! He seems like a new baby! Don't get me wrong he still cries and has some gas, but it is such an improvement from before we went. I am taking all my babies from now on!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It happened!

Well there comes a time in motherhood where I have become absolutely mortified with myself...I dropped my baby. Our changing table is a big thick pad on top of our dog crate (space saver) and so last week I was woken up by my cupboards falling completely off the wall crashing and breaking on their way. So they were still hanging on the wall part way, so I needed my husband to help me take them the rest of the way down. He was in the shower, so while I waited baby woke up and needed to be changed. So in the middle of changing Daniel comes to help me with the cupboards. So he needed my hand for a second, and I turned around and the next thing I new Ben was on the floor crying! He had not fallen off the sides but kicked his legs and pushed him self off the front. So I cried and Daniel wanted me to take him to the doctor. So I made an appointment and took him to the Doctor. He was fine. I also took him to a chiropractor to check him out. Needless to say I feel awful about the whole ordeal.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Wonderful World of Teething!

I knew it was coming, but thought I still had some time. Nope! Ben is teething and wanting to gnaw on everything, including my face. I am raw and sore from trying to soothe him by feeding. He wants to be held all of the time and he is suddenly a drool machine too! Help!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Eve 2008

His Sunday outfit: White shirt, vest, and tie
Baby Clause

Daniel playing the Piano for Ben
Hamman Family

This year I had a Santa suit that said baby's first Christmas on it for Ben. So we dressed him up and took photos around the Christmas Tree with "Baby Clause"!