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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dinosoars and Twilight

Ok, I have been fighting the people long enough! Last year on my Europe trip someone brought the Twilight series along and everyone excitedly passed them around. I refused to read them, because they were so popular and it didn't even sound interesting. So that was last fall and my dad just sent me a package with the first two books inside. I again tried to find other constructive things to do, but eventually started the first book. The first chapter was uneventful and I didn't understand what the big deal was about these books. My dad said that He, Kathy, Amanda, Samantha and even my sixteen year old brother Justin had read them all and loved them. So I struggled on and then all of a sudden I was hooked. I finished the first book last night in under 48 hours and am 1/4 of the way through the second. I was contemplating buying the next two off of Amazon.com and having them shipped to me overnight. What has happened to me is what I feared. I would be hooked to these ridiculously romantic books while I am with out my husband and very emotional. I can't wait for the movie to come out and will probably watch and buy all of those. I hate becoming a popular statistic. So anyways the photo I took is of the two things I love right now... the Twilight series and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into dinosaur shapes.


So I finally took the time to take photos of the finished projects I made for Benjamin. I made a curtain, a blanket, and a floor cushion that will act as his changing pad. I absolutely love how they all turned out. The blanket in the photo is folded up, but it is big enough to fit in a full size crib. I am sure there will be more photos later. My mother got me the bassinet and I think it fits perfectly. I am living in my brother joe's old room. It is perfect that I am having a boy, because the room is painted green and has tree frogs everywhere. There is a book case next to the bed and I have lined it with totes that house my new baby things. It looks so organized that I am going to finish the rest of the shelves with totes and post more photos later. I found an idea on Martha Stewart.com where you take a shoe rack that hangs on the door and use it for every day things. I chose to house bath and other hygiene necessities inside. It looks better in person. Well I am now officially ready for this baby to come. Daniel already has a plane ticket and my suitcase is already packed for the hospital. Now it is just a waiting game...

"Mom" shoes!

So when my mom and I were getting Joe some stuff for school we stopped at a shoe place that had a buy one get one half off sale. Joe took forever picking out the perfect pair of shoes for his new school experience. He is so picky...anyways my mom asked if I needed shoes and I realized I was not prepared for when it got cold. I said I needed tennis shoes and the hint was on. I went around the isles a few times and settled on these great pair of converse tennis shoes. They were black and white, but something special was added... they had two tongues. One was a simple white and the top one had silver stars on the inside. you are supposed to flip the stars over so they can show and then you still have a tongue so it doesn't feel weird. I love them. I have never had a pair of converse before, but always wanted them. They were too expensive. As I was debating whether or not I should get somewhat adolescent shoes, or find some "mom" appropriate looking ones, the thought hit me that just because I was as swollen as a watermelon and could any day now have a human being pushed out and then responsible for, doesn't mean I have to retreat to ugly and reserved shoes! So i got them and feel really good about that choice. I love fashion and this in no way takes away from my sophisticated taste. So these are my version of "mom" shoes. Ones you can run after and play with my kids in.
What is your idea of a "mom" shoe?

My Brother Joe

Joe's first day of first grade

Our Paper mache masks

Joe and his craft for Benjamin

Since I am living with my parents again until after the baby is born, I have the privilege of spending time with my little brother Joseph. Today he started his first day of First grade. He looks like an eight year old and talks like a thirty-five year old. When I first came to live with them I babysat him on Thursdays. We did a lot of crafts including making paper mache masks. I thought everyone like doing paper mache, but he doesn't like to get his hands dirty, s i made the masks and then he decorated them. He runs around the house now acting like a monkey or a tiger. His latest animal is a pug. He follows my little pack around and barks and howls to get them worked up into a frenzy and then no one can get them settled down. He asked me to make him a pug tail the other day, but I was stumped at how to make a cinnamon roll of a tail. We decided to make some art to hang around baby Benjamin's bassinet to welcome him into the world. So like I said earlier today was his first day of school and I can't wait to meet him when he gets off the bus. I wonder if the time will fly by fast and soon I will be sending my baby boy off into the world...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Baby Update

Well I finally was able to find a doctor here in Branson and have an appointment. His name is Dr Zeller. He is an older guy with white hair. He is a family doctor who has been practicing for 30 years, so I am comfortable with him delivering my baby. I have stayed on target with weight gain. I am supposed to gain 1 lb. a week and so far I have gained 29lbs. I think most of it is pure baby! This kid is huge and he loves to flip-flop everywhere. my blood pressure was lower and my tummy was measuring right on schedule. I asked if the Doctor would give me an epidural if I wanted one (or had enough time) and he said he was all for it and he actually gives epidural himself. He said those who are trained on the east coast learn to do them! I was thrilled to find this out, because then the Doctor will be more involved in the labor process. I was looking at other pregnant friends and relatives, and realized that I am carrying my baby WAY low. It starts at about the middle of my abdomen and his head sits right on my pelvic bone. This is uncomfortable almost all of the time. My mom carried her babies the same and she never had a labor longer than 4 hours. I am sure I will have the same luck. It is less than 50 days and I can hardly wait! (partly because my husband is coming home then) well, my cousin Erin made a top five list of why she loved pregnancy and why she didn’t so I am going to do the same! I thought it was a cute idea…

Why I love pregnancy:

  1. People give you stuff. Such as food, compliments, advice, baby stuff, their seat, ect. (oh and if their were a major disaster, my chances of survival go up because they always give the first seat on the rescue vehicle to pregnant women, and the most food, in movies)
  2. Stretchy pants are heavenly. When I have to pee, I have to pee and elastic pants help the process to be much faster.
  3. I can feel my baby grow inside and know he is safe
  4. I don’t have to worry about sucking in my gut, I just let it all hang out and it feels good to do so.
  5. I am never cold. I used to wear sweaters in the summer and in the sunshine! I like enjoying the summer, air conditioning, and swimming!

Why I don’t:

  1. My baby likes to play target practice with my vital organs
  2. I waddle if I don’t concentrate
  3. I feel guilty if I eat too many sweets and not enough good foods
  4. I have never had projectile vomit before pregnancy
  5. I can feel my feet swell and it is not a pleasant experience
I think both lists could be longer, but I will let those of you who haven't had the joy of being pregnant before discover it on your own!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Missouri Baby Shower

While Daniel was here we had a family baby shower. All of our family in the area came and had a blast. We had really good food and then played two games. The first one was everyone had to cut yarn the length they thought would measure the length around my belly. Some measured way to big and others were really close. Daniel was the closest. Go figure! Then we played a game where there were two teams and they had to dress up in this outfit as fast as they could, take a photo and get out of it and move to the next player. My team won! It was so fun and the photos show! Then we opened gifts. We got many wonderful gifts from everyone! It was so fun! After that we all went swimming in the Hamman's pool. I love swimming because it takes the weight off my belly!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Family Fun

So the week and a half when Daniel was still in Missouri is over. He made it safely to New York City and is settled into his first apartment. Tomorrow he starts at the United Nations! I am so excited for him! When he was still in Missouri we had fun with his family as well as my mom's family. The Hamman's have a really nice pool so Daniel and his brothers spent most of their time swimming. The dogs really got used to swimming and were more comfortable with sitting on the steps and letting us soak them with the cool water. Hazel loved to ride on top of an upside down inner tube. If you leave it floating she sill jump on all by her self and float around the pool! His parents have a Newfoundland dog who was afraid of swimming. Ollie was the best swimmer out of five dogs. It is soooo hot here! Today it was 99 degrees plus humidity. I feel like melting all of the time! We also spent time down at the creek by my moms house. Daniel got a kick out of riding their four wheeler. The creek was so cold I loved it! So did the dogs. I got burnt one of the days. I was wearing SPF 50, but they say that when you are pregnant it is easier to tan and burn. I sat in the water for most of the day, so my legs were burnt everywhere but a circle right under my belly. It looks really funny! Anyways, I am all set up and ready for this baby to come! It is getting really close and I am getting really huge!