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Monday, June 17, 2013

Help! I'm melting

Whoa! First of all I am sorry if I have unintentionally ignored your comments! I guess a few of them have been put into the spam file, and I just found them. From here on out I will respond back!

Second, I love my blog and sharing things with you, but I kind of need direction of what you guys want. I have sooooooo many ideas running through my head that it is really hard for me to focus and produce. So I would love to know what you guys want! Patterns? Tutorials? Inspirational? Cooking? etc. Eventually I want to start a YouTube channel where I can share everything in a video, but will take a little bit. I am here to share my talents with you guys!


Friday, June 14, 2013

A day in the life

I realized that life is short today. I wanted to capture a day in the life of my kiddos. Each of these pics has a meaning behind it. I want to remember them for always.

 Tate adores little people animals. I am always finding them under furniture

The boys have fallen in love with care bears. This one is giant and they use it as a pillow. I find her in very compromising positions. 

Not a day goes by without an appearance of one or more super heroes.  They fly around the house saving animals and each other. 

These boys are joined at the hip. This picture captures the love they have for each other. I love that they love to play together.  

I hate puzzle pieces.  There are too many and one is always missing. they love them though and ask to do them for hours. 

This little boy loves trains. He even sleeps with them.