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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Family Fun

This past week Daniel's Uncle Jim and Aunt Debbie brought their family to visit. They have four children: Kelsie-15, Haylie-12, Dylin-10, Jessie-7 (sorry if I got either of those wrong). We swam all day and had such a great time. Ben loved having them there to play with. We are very sad to have them go home. Here are some photos of our pool adventures.

This is Daniel's mom's rose bush. So beautiful!

Getting ready to lift off! Daniel helped Ben surf on a water skate. He absolutely loved it!

Look at that tongue!


Ben has learned to throw balls and play catch with his dad. He is such a big boy now!

Haylie helped make a bib out of jean scraps for Ben. It has a pocket with a patch and an adjustable neck. She is so creative, i just helped her sew it!

Jessie is the youngest and I thought she was just so cute sitting and waiting to eat so I snapped this adorable photo!

Thumb sucker!


The whole gang

Dylin was so cute he made a chair for Ben out of legos and he sat in it for a while!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I thought I would show you all what I have been up to lately! I have my creativity bug back again and I am on fire! I made this adorable little owl out of felt for a cell phone cover.

Because I am only 5'2'' I can't lift my child out of his crib or place him inside, so I use a stool. I found one on a garage sale and re-covered it with Amy Butler fabric which I adore.

My niece Alisha is visiting from Wisconsin and the other day we made homemade paper. We had so much fun and these are the two that I made.

Daniel volunteered to man the station for a relay for life event for his work. He stayed out all night. Ben and I came with him for the evening and LOVED it. I had never been to one before. They started with a prayer and then had all the cancer survivors, wearing purple, take a lap around the track. Then they took a second lap with family members. Then everyone could start to walk. There were tons of booths and they were selling things and it all went toward finding a cure for cancer. I got a shirt that says "I hate cancer" and Ben got a stuffed monkey. Daniel, Ben and I walked a total of 22 laps for the night. When it got dark they had a lighting ceremony where those who have passed from cancer each had a lunch bag with a candle in it. They all lined the track and during this ceremony a bag pipe player played Amazin Grace while they were all lit. It was such a good experience that we are going back every year from now on no matter where we live! You all should look up when they are having one in your community and attend! You won't be sorry!