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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's a ......

So we finally made it to the highly anticipated doctors appointment where we find out what the sex of the baby is! The tech was super nice and took a long time trying to get the baby to cooperate so she could check all of the things she needed to. When we got down to the special area I saw something and gasped! She said "Did you see something?" And I said "yup!" Daniel didn't know what he was looking at so he said "What?" She said it's a boy! Hehehehe! I felt so proud that I could tell before she actually told us what the sex was! I felt like a real mommy who was already in tune with her intuition!!! So I am in a home decor class and the projects are a pillow, a blanket, and curtains. So yesterday and today I looked at all the fabric stores I could find to pick out the perfect nursery for my baby boy! I found this adorable citrus prints and fell in love with them! so this is the theme of the babies room. The photo is all the fabrics that will be included and I will show the final projects! The ultrasound photo is of our baby giving the peace sign. He wouldn't hold still or show his face, so we couldn't get a profile. We got funny photos instead! oh the baby will be named Benjamin Daniel Hamman!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Baby Drama!!

So the drama has already started! Yesterday I was sitting on my couch watching a great episode of a baby story when I realized that there was a lot of pressure on my uterus. I have had the feeling before, but thought it was just gas. This time I wanted to check with my mom to see her opinion. I told her my symptoms of sharp pains, cramps and my uterus being hard as a rock; she immediately told me to call my clinic because I was having contractions and possibly going into labor. So I did. They wanted to check me because I have a family history of bed rest. So Daniel jumped out of his chair and literally ran to the car. All the while I am having pains from the hard uterus. We get there and have me do the ritual things I always do at an appointment, but I didn't have to wait as long before the doctor came in. When he came in he told me that contractions are normal between 18-22 weeks, but because I am a tiny person they are MUCH more noticeable. This made me feel a little better. He checked the babies heart and it was good and strong. He also checked to see if I was dilated and I was not. All the while Daniel and I were thinking of ways I could graduate from home if I was put on bed rest. He was so supportive and helpful that I don't think I would have been able to stay calm with out him! So they sent us home and I took it easy the rest of the night. Today I had really bad contractions during class. I couldn't even sit still. I had to stand or walk. I hope this doesn't last much longer! My mom thinks there is still room to worry so I am taking it easy and watching my signs, so hopefully all will turn out well. I am sad to report that my belly button is no longer an innee, or just flat, but has broken it's concave shape and become an outee. I thought that would come later, oh well!