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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ferber Method

Since Ben had colic, our doctor recomended motion to help soothe him. We started to put him in the swing just before bed and between feedings in the night to help with the colic. So for a few months now Ben has been sleeping in the swing. This was fine, but we are running through batteries like toilet paper so I finally decided to try and ease him back into his crib. I tried during nap time and he seemed to take to it just fine. I then realized I was putting him to sleep before he even reached the crib. So I looked up ways to get your child to like their crib and fall asleep without your help and I came across two methods. The first one is the Ferber or "cry it out" method and the second was where you are chained to the crib until they fall asleep. I didn't like the sound of being locked to his bedside till he fell asleep, so I was going to try the first method. The first night I told Daniel what I was doing and he gave me moral support through the whole thing. The crying started and escalated. There were periods where he would stop. I think he was confused why I wasn't coming to his aid. It was so hard not to jump up and soothe him. Daniel had to keep telling me not to get up and not to say anything, that it wold make it worse. So after a loooong ten minutes, he miraculously stopped. I thought he would cry much longer than that. So the next night came around and I was prepared for it to be longer than the first try. The crying lasted about three minutes, maybe close to five. Wow! I must have a smart baby. Then for nap time today I started him in the swing and just before he dozed off I placed him in his crib and no crying! It was wonderful! I didn't even have to use a binky. He smiled at me and then just dozed off! I hope he continues on this wonderful habit of putting himself to sleep! What other methods have worked or didn't work for you?

Monday, December 15, 2008

First Hair cut

Ben has crazy long hair and already needed a hair cut especially on the sides. So here are the photos from his first hair cut!


well I thought that I would explain wh I have been absent for about a month... Daniel and I decided to stay in Missouri so we moved into an apartment located in Daniel's parents garage. It is a one room and quite cozy. They had dial up internet the entire month of November. They updated and got high speed, but since we are in the country it is still not fast enough to upload photos. So the photos I have been able to upload were done by hauling my laptop to my moms and doing everything there. So it will probably be long periods of time between posts and photos, but I will try to keep up.

This past month Benjamin has done a lot:
  • smiled
  • talks
    • he smiles and talks the best in the morning when he first wakes up
  • sings
    • he sings all the time with mommy or when he hears music or someone else singing
  • found his hands
    • he likes to suck on his fist
  • went on vacation to Arizona
    • to visit G'pa & G'ma Tayrien
  • imitates
    • his favorite is clicking his tongue
  • started to turn toward sounds
  • discovered he had a herniated belly button
    • don't worry it doesn't hurt him, but we can't fix it untill age 5
  • had his first baby sitter
    • we left him with Grandma Guenin while we went to dinner and a movie... we didn't finish the movie
  • watched the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade
    • it is tradition with my dad and I so I introduced it to him
  • had his first Thanksgiving day
    • we also went shopping at 4 am the next morning, I had him strapped to me and he slept the whole time
  • turned two months old
  • got his first round of shots
    • he then got a cough that sounded like he was hacking up a lung
  • flirted with the old ladies at church
    • oh no I am in trouble
  • got a hair cut
    • he started to look like Bozo the clown with three points on his head
  • laughed
    • during patty cake
  • sits with help
    • bumbo chairs are the best
well the next time I go to my moms I will post all the photos that accompany this post...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

ok so I finally got the photos to work at my moms and I am not excited any more about the photos I have, but here a few... The first one is Ben in his bumbo chair and it is my FAVORITE! he is way too cute I can't stand it! the next one is my cousin Charly's baby Ethan. I made him a monkey coat and he is modeling it. I made banana mittens! then the last one is Ethan and Jeff with Ben. I will post more photos soon!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Arizona trip

G'ma Tayrien
Charlotte and Benjamin
Great Grandma Tayrien
G'pa Tayrien

My lovely parents who live in Arizona were wonderful enough to fly baby Ben and I to visit them at the beginning of November. I was a little nervous about Ben and flying, because it always seems like there is one crying child on a flight. Well I just have the best baby ever and he didn't cry or fuss one bit! I sat by the cutest lady who adored Ben and took video and photos of him. We were on the same return flight so she burned them to a CD and gave them to me! I also purchased a certificate for Ben's first flight. The pilots and all the attendants signed it! it is super cute! ok so as soon as i arrived in AZ my family threw me and Ben a baby shower! it was so fun to see the whole Tayrien family. I loved all their gifts! I had so much fun the rest of the week! I spent time going to work and showing off the baby, thrift store shopping, seeing my other side of the family, and eating good food! i had such a great time and i know his G'ma and G'pa spoiled him rotten!