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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I finally put some photos on my photography blog. You all should check it out! The link is just below my friends and family section.

Valentines day!

Daniel had to work so I spent the whole day preparing for his arrival. I prepared Fondue with steak and popcorn chicken, I wrote him a poem and put together a card, got baby dressed in this shirt that said "puppy love" and had a dog on it, made heart shaped brownies for my young women, and made these adorable chocolate cups for our banana splits. Daniel brought home sparkling cider from a winery here in Branson. It was yummy! We ate in our little apartment while Ben played in his walker. He was so good! Then we exchanged gifts. I got three boxes of chocolates!!! Daniel loved his poem and card. Then we were supposed to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's on a projector, but Daniel fell asleep by 7pm. He got up really early that morning to go to work and he was exhausted. Poor guy! It was such a fun day!

The many faces of Benjamin button

My baby is growing up way to fast. He is five months old and it seems like yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital! He is now a smart and happy little boy. Man I love this kid! He has so many faces and is such an expressive boy so I thought I would share a little of his cuteness!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Temple

Oh I love the Temple! Yesterday we made the trip to attend the Temple in St Louis. We left at 5 am so Ben would hopefully sleep while we drove there. He did! It is a four hour drive and he slept the whole way! I was so happy! Daniel and I got the chance to talk about life and our future. I really wanted to sleep, but Daniel was tired and I had to help keep him awake. So we get to the Temple just a few minutes too late for the 9am session, so Ben and I waited while Daniel went to get cash for renting clothes. He then went to the first session. Ben and I played in the visitors waiting room in the building where the distribution center is. We were the only ones in there so it was nice Ben could be loud and I could sing to him. I started to walk around with and sing with him and for the first time EVER he fell asleep on my shoulder! When Daniel was done we went to eat subway and then I heading in for my session. It was so peaceful and such a wonderful experience. I just love attending the Temple. After wards I found Ben asleep and he behaved wonderfully for Daniel, he never is good for anyone but me it seems like. So we started home. Ben didn't sleep the whole way home, just the last hour, but he was great. He only screamed the twenty minutes before he fell asleep. I am so proud of him it was such a long trip to make in a car seat! I hope it goes so well next time!

Friday, February 13, 2009

O happy day

I know this isn't a happy cartoon, but it described what I felt like before happy pills!

So I am finally starting to feel like myself again! I can actually want to clean my house and enjoy doing it again. I love spending time with my dogs and actually bathed them for the first time since Ben was born (I know I am awful). A new Michaels store opened here and I spent hours just looking at all the wonderful things I could buy, it was so fun! I bought some things and have loved working on that talent. I feel like my creativity gene kicked back in and I have so many wonderful ideas. I don't think I am crabby anymore, but I have been getting head aches still. I think my allergies have kicked into high gear and that would explain the head aches. I have found a play group that meets each week. I took Ben this week and we finger painted. I put an apron around him so he wouldn't ruin his clothes, and put his hand in paint. He did really well! He made it look like he was an older child who knew what they were doing. Then he decided to eat the paint...I deflected his hands and the paint went all over his face and hair. Too bad I didn't have a camera. Oh well, next time! By the way Ben has found out how much fun it is to yell at the top of his lungs so he spends most of the day in a high pitch squeal! Anyways, life is so much better now and I am so happy I said something to my doctor!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sunny Day!

Today was Ben's four month check up. He is 15 1/2 lbs, 25 inches long and developing wonderfully. He is such a fun little boy. Some new tricks in his bag are:
rolling from stomach to back and almost back to stomach
laughing a lot
sticking his tongue out 24/7
pulling himself to a sitting position when he is at any kind of an incline
playing with his feet
his belly button miraculously became un-herniated
tried to eat rice cereal, which ended in a rash
stands and plays in his walker
scoots on the floor, sometimes forward and sometimes in a circle
went to the park
doubled his weight since birth
was introduced to our dogs on the floor, went very well, they are so careful
He smiles when ever I sing to him
He decided that he was through with pacifiers and bottles, we are working on the bottles again and making big strides
attended his first youth dance and danced with multiple girls, I am in young womens now

I think that is it, there are so many things he can do now I forget the little ones. Oh and I got happy pills!