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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Halloween banner - 52

I had a little burlap on hand and decided to make a cute banner for the season. I cut equal squares for the saying "Happy Birthday" plus one for a symbol. I used freezer paper and cut out letters and a pumpkin and ironed them on the burlap squares.

I decided to use regular black acrylic paint since I would never wash this banner. I stippled the black paint over the stencil letters. After they are dried, peel the stencil off. I then then used some orange paint and a pencil eraser and placed dots all over as little embellishments.

I decided to use a jute rope to hang them on. I used a sewing machine and a zig-zag stitch over the string. It was the easiest part of the project. Then I hung it up on my front window!!!!

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