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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holiday dress - Day 142

 Here is part two of the Holiday ensemble. I received a vintage dress pattern from a friend and I made it true to the pattern. It tuned out horrible. It was so big and gross looking. I had to refashion the whole top. I started by using my dress form. It has my exact specs and measurements as my body so any work I do on it will fit me. I started to put in deeper darts in the front and back. It was easier to change it from a scoop neck with front buttons to a square neck with no buttons. I like the square neck more anyways. Then when I was all done, it looked way too plane, so I added a band of striped fabric to the waist to make it look thinner there. I love it and I love the dress with the apron over it!

 The zipper is just over the hips


Candie said...

Freakin cute! And it looks so good on you!

Jeanie Barney Hills said...

I agree with Candie!