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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Finished heart - Day 156

 So If you follow my post from yesterday you are up to date. We start with that heart and we are taking an old pattern and cutting it up into strips. I made them all the same width. You will have to use several pieces. You start by putting hot glue on the back of the heart in a little line following the edge. then you start scrunching the paper on top of the glue. Only do a little bit at a time. I would pinch the paper and stick it in the glue.

 Close up

 Small sections at a time

 Finished the edge

 This is what it looks like from the front!

 Then I took some white scrap fabric and made a rosette. I also did the pattern scrunching on it.

 It was too plain so I added cute little extra letters. They are on clear plastic sticker bubbles.

 I added some ribbon on on the back

 I found some scratchy ribbon that I made into a bow with hot glue.

 I added some sparkles to the biggest heart

 Then I added a ribbon flag and a pin to the medium size heart

 Then I added a embellished paper clip to the other medium size heart

Here it is on my front door! It is so stinking cute and do you know how much it cost to make?


I had all these things on hand. The thing about crafting is when you buy a package of something, you never use all of it, so this is a product of left over supplies!

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Johnston Journal said...

I LOVE that Britt!!! I so wish we lived close so we could make this stuff together! I NEEEEED you!