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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Miss Sophie - Day 152

Tayrien is not done teething yet so for Christmas I wanted to get him a toy that would help with that process. I had heard of this little giraffe and seen them all over. I found one on amazon and talked to Daniel about it. It is made is France and is totally non-toxic for kids. So we purchased it and it was his gift from us for Christmas. The second he took it out he loved it. He doesn't tote it around like his blanky, but we keep it in his crib and if he is ever biting anything I know exactly where it is. Ben even loves it and tries to get away with gnawing on it.

So I got the package in the mail and the giraffe comes in a cute little box.  
 There were two things besides the giraffe in the box. One is a card on the right that has the history of Sophie in all different languages. Sophie's story. She is totally non-toxic! Of course she was born in Paris!!

 The other card was a cute little cardboard strength paper that you can put is a scrapbook or shadowbox. It says who it is for, who it cam from, a place for a picture, etc.

 The second Tayrien pulled it out of the box he loved her! He immediately started chewing on her and hasn't stopped since. We all love her and now we call anything that gets chewed on a Sophie!

1 comment:

Life as a Greenstreet said...

All 3 of my kids love Sophie! Of course only Scott chews on her but the big kids think she is just dandy as well! Great purchase.