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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Arise and Shine Forth - Day 167

 I am in Young Women's and this Sunday is our New Beginnings. I was in charge of table decorations. My partner in crime - Jennifer - helped me out! We purchased a 2x6x14 piece of lumber from our local Home Depot. They were so kind and cut them down to 8" with some left over.

 We painted them the value colors.
 I found this print via pinterest and printed them out in black and white. It is the theme for 2012. Then I took markers and outlined one of the lines.

Then we sanded them to make it look roughed up.

Here is the stash!

Then I broke out the mod podge - my other best friend - and put a layer on the unpainted side.

Make sure when you lay the paper down, use a bone folder to smooth it out so no bubbles form underneath.

 Then sand the sides that the paper is over.

This one bubbled a little. When it has dried a little mod podge the top of it. 

This is them after the papers are on.

I added bling to the front.
I am so excited for Sunday and after the party, the girls get to take a block home!

1 comment:

Michelle Church said...

How cute! HOLY COW, I didn't realize how far behind I got on your blog. You are doing great with it. Such fun crafty and homemade things. I love it!! Great job Britt.