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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Highlight your hair - Day 165

 Let's face it, coloring your hair is expensive. The upkeep is expensive. I found a system that works really great for and I thought I would share! Because I have red in my hair I can only use a specific kind of hair dye. I have tried others and it turns orange:(So the one I use is L'Oreal Paris Frost & design in the color champagne. Here is the box.

Here is what my hair looked like before

This is what comes in the box. a bunch of packets and bottles, a mixing container, plastic gloves, instructions, a cap, and two little hooks.

The directions are really good at telling you what to do. You are supposed to put the little cap on first. Tie it on even though it looks horrible and like an old lady. You will want it on tight. Then you take the hook size you want, I like the bigger of the two, and poke through the holes one by one and grab hair and pull it through. This is probably the hardest part. Having a partner to help it so nice.

 Then after you have pulled all the hair through you mix the color packets it tells you to in this little container. Two of the three are pictured.

 Then you slather the mix on your head. start at the back bottom and move your way to the front. I take a big glob and place it on the roots, then smear that through the tips. Make sure you have covered all the hair strand and then pile it on the cap. when your all done they have this plastic bag you place on your head and tie in the front center. This way you can do other things while you wait. Mine takes an hour, any earlier it looks too orange.
 When your time is up you hop in the shower and take of the clear cap and run water over the higlighted hair. Then you pull the holy cap off and wash and condition your hair. Then they have this leave in rinse you put in and then your done. Blow dry and style! It looks awesome!