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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BioTrue - Day 159

We have a flexible spending account attached to our medical insurance and at the end of every year if you haven't used up the money you loose it. So the trick is to buy supplies that qualify. This year we stocked up on contact solution called BioTrue. It is usually the most expensive solution, so we don't buy it.

This last years Florida trip we all got pink eye. None of us had insurance since Daniel had just lost his job. So I was looking for a creative way to get rid of it. My dad had told me of a different mix of organic liquids he used, but I couldn't remember what it was so in my research I found that there is a specific chemical you need to get rid of pink eye and guess what has it........BioTrue! So I just bought a little bottle of it and within a few days the pink eye was gone! So I thought if you used the stuff all of the time, we would never get pink eye!!!

Here are all the facts on their website!

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