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Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentines advent - Day 168

A few posts ago I made little mailboxes for the boys with a plan in mind of putting something special in the boxes every day in February. Since they don't get valentines from school I thought this would be a way to enjoy the holiday. So I am posting a few days early so YOU can plan ahead and be prepared for your advent. I will give you the list of what I will do and then each day starting today for fourteen days I will show a picture of what was in them!
Valentines Advent
  1. Valentines stickers
  2. Groundhog day
  3. Make Valentines to give
  4. Treat
  5. coloring books
  6. heart shaped balloon
  7. Make Daddy's valentine
  8. Treat
  9. Heart attack our neighbors
  10. Make sugar cookies
  11. Treat
  12. V-Day tie
  13. Bubbly cider
  14. Valentines day surprise

 Day #1

 So Day #1 is Valentines day stickers. I found them at Wal-Mart for .97 and they are supposed to go on your window. I will have the boys put them wherever they want to since we have a lot of window space!


Erin said...

Love it! I will definltely be putting some fun stuff in Charlotte's mailbox! Thanks!

Michelle Church said...

Such cute ideas. You're such a good little mama!! I love how you're involving the boys in so many things that you're doing. I have found I used to do that more and now I'm so low on patience for some reason. They sure LOVE it when we do projects together. I guess I might be referring to baking is what I don't want help with, lol. I'm doing a 14 day thing too, but it's to David.