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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Crab Rangoon - Day 163

DIY Crab Rangoon
 I bought the prepackaged imitation crab from Wal-Mart. I wanted real crab, but alas i am on an imitation budget. I have made two double batches of this recipe and still have some left over! It goes on forever! So I made this recipe and bonus it is a weight watchers recipe! I also used a blender so that it was creamy and a smooth consistency. They were a big hit Saturday night!

Before the blend
 After the blend

 I use water to seal the edges

Don't put too much in or it won't taste as good. You want a good crunch to cream ratio. I think I used a teaspoon.

Pinch the edges together so the points meet in the middle

They look like this before the oven and they look golden brown and crispy after! 

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