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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Golden Globes 2012 - Day 160

I love dresses and this year at the Golden Globes my expectations were met. 

Love the color and Audrey Hepburn throwback!

Love her hippie but simple chic

Another vintage style dress. Love the color.

Love Jessika Alba and her choice. Simple and gorgeous!

So simple and love the dress length.

Love the shoes!

Love the detail in the bodice. Great color!

I LOVE her! Great shape and fits her body type. (short)

 Awesome detail and shimmer. Great for her body type. (short)

Everyone loves this choice and I do too. Love the accessories.


 I hate tie dye. Especially on a gown. At the Golden Globes. Blech!

She looks like a naked mermaid. Get some class.

Waaaay to simple. Needs more flash for the Golden Globes. The print is wrong too.

I hate high necklines. Hate, HAte, HATe, HATE!

Angelina let me down. She usually makes great choices, but for some reason I hate this. Maybe it's her expression.......Something.

Good grief I hate this the most! It makes her look old and fat. It does nothing for her figure and is not pretty.Come on Julianna! uggg.

Bonus round:
A whole bunch of modest gowns!

Love the print and lace!

Love the color and glitter!

Madonna in modest??? What happened? Whatever it was I like it. 

Love her dress and headband and EVERYTHING! She rocks!

SO pretty and I don't mind the long sleeves (I usually don't like them).

What are your choices? Did I miss some good or bad ones?

1 comment:

Jeanie Barney Hills said...

Bwahhaaha...naked mermaid! I think you were pretty on. Angelina just looks sad (face) and I think it is the top of the bodice that looks wrong. I think I would like it if the red sweaped down more curved to her bust line figure and then back up to the shoulder. But seriously, she is an actress and could have acted a little happier. I really liked the animal print and black lace.