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Friday, January 6, 2012

Forehead thermometer - 147

 If anyone has had children you know they get sick. The worst part about them being sick is taking their temperature. I hate struggling with the thermometer in the hind quarters or even under the arm. I don't really now if I did it right.

So, this year we have a flexible spending account with our insurance. If we don't spend the allotted money by the end of the year, it is dissolved. We pay for it anyways, so what we do is buy a whole bunch of stuff at this online store made just for flexible spending account end of the year buyers. This year we got a whole bunch of goodies that I will share with you.

Today is the forehead thermometer. Now I don't have to deal with any Openings of the body. So we got it in the mail and I immediately opened it. Here is the packaging:

Comes with a little bag.
You have to pull the tab to get started.

There is a light up screen.



So what you do after you have pulled the tab is turn it on. It will light up. Then you have to push the start button on the top and scan 1 inch above the eyebrow for three seconds. It will beep at you and the you turn it over and read the temp. It will beep 10 times and flash red if it is high enough to be a problem. Otherwise it glows green. There is also a memory function. It remembers the last temp taken when shut off. You can program it to remember to, but I don't need it to. I think I took everyone's temp twice and maybe Tayrien's five because he will sit still. I love it and can't believe I didn't buy one when I had my first baby!

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Johnston Journal said...

We love ours! We bought one in Florida while on vacation when E's temp was 104.2. SCARY! However, make sure you read the instructions on how/where to take the temp. I've had several nurses/Dr. tell me that people don't take the temps correctly.