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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Maternity Maxi Mashup - Day 355

 I don't fit into my clothes. The clothes I had for my last two pregnancies puttered out because I only had a few and I wore them out. So I need some new stuff, but don't want to pay $20 for a shirt. I went to the thrift stores and found some sheets! Yes the same kind you put on your bed. Fabric is fabric. Then I went and bought shirts for less than $5 at Target and Walmart that match the patterns. Here is the first Maxi dress.

Here are the two sheets and one pillowcase I found. 

Here are the matching shirts.

This one is the far right duo. 

I had to put a bump on my girly.

I hated that it had a pocket, so I removed that first thing. Then I put on the shirt and pinned where I wanted the seam.

Cut 5/8 in down from the pin for the seam allowance.

This sheet was a flat queen, so I will get two or more projects out of this. I cut it in half lengthwise. I sewed the back seam together.

Then I used my ruffle foot and gathered the top.

I added the shirt to the top and pinned. When I use my ruffle foot, it always ruffles perfectly to match up with whatever I am attaching it to. It is magic. 

This is what it looks like after the seam is sewn.

This is the maxi on girly. Remember when you hem it, you have to have a belly under it. The front will be a lot longer than the back seam because it needs to make room for the belly.

I thought she needed a belt so I took some left over material from the sheet and cut a long strip and sewed it together. Then I added this flower.  Cut Cut 10 exact circles. lay one circle down flat. Fold another circle in half, and then half again. place on top of the circle and sew at middle. Add three more petals to this layer.

Place another petal over the seam of two petals. Repeat this three more times. You should have one flat and eight folded. 

Take the last one and roll it. Sew it to the center. I kind of flattened it a little. 

I made two flowers, one small and one larger and put the small on the large and added a sparkle button. Then I sewed it to the band. 

So much cuter!

 Here it is on my belly!

1 comment:

Michelle C said...

absolutely love this one. you look gorgeous. i just love that you got sheets and pillow cases for this, I had no idea when I saw this picture on FB. awesome!! love that flower too. That's so funny you had to add a bump to your figure.