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Monday, July 9, 2012

Dirty hair? - Day 333

How many days do you wait in between washing it? 

Random question I know. I have been on a routine of every other day for as long as I started showering on my own.

I heard a few years ago I heard that it isn't healthy for your hair to shampoo it more than once a week. Once a week!!!!!! Are we all supposed to look like greasy hippies? No thank you.

So I just followed my own routine and every other day was better than every day. Then I heard about this dry shampoo from my sister a few years ago. She said it was horrible and made things worse, so I stayed away. This past week I read a blog where this lady raved about dry shampoo. She gave a detailed process of how to use it effectively. I thought it was worth a try.

I use TRESemme hair spray and like it, so I thought I would try out the same brand of dry shampoo.

Ok, so the process she talked about goes like this:

Seperate hair in rows horizontal to your part. Pull up about 2-4 inches at a time and spray front and back of each  piece at the roots. Move on to another piece until you have sprayed all your roots. Wait a few minutes for it to set in and then massage your roots where you sprayed. Your hair will look a little white or grey, but the rubbing helps that fade.
You still need to shower, but to help you need a shower cap!

  • I like that it fluffs your hair up like you just washed and dried it
  • Can't see the grease, but your hair still maintains the healthy grease it needs
  • The more you use it the easier it is to style your hair

I wanted to see how long I could go before I needed to wash my hair.  I made it to 5 days before I was going crazy. My hair looked amazing! It was so easy to style I didn't even need to rat or use hair spray to make it look perfect. I totally understand why women didn't wash their hair in the 50's. Although it looked and styled perfect, the roots felt gunked up.

So I thought it might work differently if I showered, but didn't wash my hair. Meaning, letting the water rinse the crud out of my hair, but not using the shampoo. Maybe I could go longer than 5 days and actually meet the week mark. This was a fail. It was still gross. I guess my limit is 4 days without shampooing until my hair can adjust to the decrease in grease demand and then I can stretch it out again. To be continued.....
This is my hair at the wedding. This would be day 3. It was really easy to style, stayed all day, and looked the same as if I would have washed it that day!

1 comment:

Michelle C said...

That's so neat. I love how you experimented with how long and then tried to rinse it to see if it worked.