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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wedding sign - Day 332

 I made this sign for my Brother-in-laws wedding that happened yesterday. Ben and his cousin Nathan held it as they walked down the isle just before the Bridie came down.

First I found the wood in my pile out back. Then painted it with acrylic white paint. After it dried I used spray glitter to cover the whole thing so it would shimmer. Then I cut out the words on my cricut and applied them to the board.

I used the original nail holes to tie the ribbon to, but I had to make it a little bigger with my drill and a bit. Then I fed the ribbon through and tied it in a knot.
The boys were super cute carrying it and loved their cool job. Then they got a sucker for their good  behavior.

1 comment:

Michelle C said...

I LOVE the sign. You did such an awesome job with it and the boys did so good too. I was nervous they'd be silly or something but they just walked down. I loved how they looked a bit unsure because everyone was laughing at them. lol. I don't' know if you heard, but Tyler was about to start screaming when the ceremony started because he saw all the little kids with suckers and wanted one. We got so nervous because of the long walk out and in the middle of the aisle too!! I motioned to Nathan to come sit down in the middle of it because I took his sucker to give to Tyler. Poor Nathan, but he was a good sport about it and luckily we got it in Tyler's mouth before he lost it! (: