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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Car kit - Day 350

I have wanted to make a car kit for a long time now, but didn't have anywhere to put it since our lovely 1984 Cadillac Seville had a trunk that wouldn't open. So now that I have this great new car I have space to put things!  I bought this organizer on a garage sale a while ago. I love it because it has a bunch of compartments and dividers.

Ok, so this is what I started out with. I added some things later that aren't pictured. In the back is a medibag that I bought from Target. It is geared toward littles. It is styrafoam with plastic handles. (Left-Right) extra diaper, extra undies and a onsie, wipes, hand sanitizer, four granola bars in a ziplock bag, garbage bag for dirty diapers, lotion, hand warmers, and a blanket. I keep tissues, another hand sanitizer, a pen, and some spare change in a front compartment since I would use those more frequent. Later I added a red reusable water bottle full of water. I picked red so it would last longer in the sun. I am sure I can think of more to put into it, but I thought this was a good start.

Am I missing anything really important?

1 comment:

Michelle C said...

That is so neat and organized. I love it!!! After the fiasco on Thursday, I am going to store some books or other little activities for the boys in case we get stuck in a nonmoving vehicles for hours and have to stay buckled due to traffic.