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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Seven years - Day 339

 July 15th is Daniel and I's Anniversary. Every year we take a photo either before our date or on our date. This year is seven years and it seems like it has flown by! Here is past years.

 5th  year in 2010

 4th year in 2010

And this where the tradition started. First anniversary in 2006!

Here is our wedding photo from 2005!


Michelle C said...

I love that idea!! We didn't do that, but now I want to look back to see if we have a shot that can be used for that year and we can start the tradition next year. Won't that be so fun to look back through in 20-30 years? That's awesome. Looks like Daniel likes blue collared shirts, (: You've hd a lot of fun, different hairstyles over the years.

Kori said...

You just keep getting prettier. I don't know why I didn't realize you got married a year before me.