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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pregnancy update - Day 353

I thought it was time to update you all on my pregnancy. I am 18 weeks tomorrow. I was really, really sick almost immediatly after getting prenant. It was really inconsistant though. I would be so sick one day and throwing up and the next day just nausea so bad I wanted to die, but no throwing up. Weird. I think it was so bad, because I didn't know if I would ever get better, so I felt so helpless.

I got over that at 11 weeks. Thank goodness! My belly started to pop out really early too. I carry my babies really, rreally low, so the baby ran out of room really fast and I quickly became uncomfortable. I also feel my babies really early so about 13 weeks I felt bumps and kicks. Daniel didn't believe me, but they were really the baby!

The biggest thing right now is I am always exsahsted. I take naps and I still feel wiped out if I do too much activity. Going to the store for fun is even too much sometimes. I have to recover on the couch for a while. I also don't fit into any clothes. I only have a few maternity clothes left after my last two pregnancies, so today I am making some dresses and tops. I will post them!

Cravings in the begining were random. If I saw something on the t.v. I wanted it. I always want asain food. I also really like eggs and hashbrowns.

I havn't taken very many photos, but here is the day I found out I was preggo!

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Michelle C said...

Cute picture. It was fun to read the update in a summary!! That's so fun you feel the babies so early. I didn't with Nathan, did with Tyler (at about 12 weeks) and didn't with Breanna, so it was inconsistent. I'm so glad you haven't been sick. Being tired is no fun either, especially with two energetic boys!! No advice for that. i was exhausted the entire time!!