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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tayrien's first trip to the E.R. - Day 345

 FYI - this is a really long post

Friday started out horrible. I woke up to find that the boys had destroyed their room. I mean destroyed. They had taken all their books out and ripped them to shreds. They had also climbed their book shelves and ripped every decoration, picture, nick-nac down and ripped it to shreds too. Ben was also peeling the paint of his bunk beds. I was so sad. I had made most of those things and it made me realize that little boys just can't have cute stuff.  So I cleaned this mess up and put all the books on time out.

We went about our day and not a half hour later I was in my room calling my mom when I hear Ben say that Tate was hurt. I heard crying while I was talking to my mom and went out to check. I picked Tayrien up right outside my door and carried him to the couch. He was crying kind of funny, not like usual. I laid him on the couch to look at his owie. I asked him where he was hurt and Ben said his head. I immediately found a red bump above his left temple. Mmmm. I then started to notice Tayrien was passing out. That was weird. I told my mom, who was still on the phone, what was happening. I kept trying to talk to Tayrien and make eye contact, but he just ignored me and was falling asleep. This worried me.

Usually when he gets hurt he wants comfort, but he could care less and wanted to pass out. My mom told me to find a flashlight and check to see if his eyes would dilate. I did and they did just fine. I asked her opinion of what to do and she said go to the hospital. I then told Benny to tell daddy that something is wrong with Taytay and to come help. He quoted me word for word and he must have sounded serious because Daniel jumped right out of bed and came to the living room. I updated him on the situation and asked his opinion. He said lets go and picked up Tayrien. I threw some jeans on and got Ben dressed. Then I took Tayrien from Daniel while he got dressed.

I put them in their car seats and by this time Daniel was in the car. I stayed in the back to try and keep Tate awake. He just kept looking at me like he had never seen me before. He was very lethargic and non responsive. Daniel was like Jason Stathem in The Transporter with his driving. He passed like 4 cars in the turning lane and spun around the round-about like nobody's business. Tires squealing and rubber burning. We got the the E.R. in 3 minutes.

Daniel jumped out of the car and grabbed Tayrien while Ben and I parked. He went strait to the front desk to check in. They were being really slow about the whole thing. Paperwork and weighing Tayrien. We thought they would just grab him and go, but it was a lot slower. I finished the paperwork and They took Tayrien back to a room. I took over holding him on the bed and trying to keep him awake. Daniel gave him a quick blessing.

Soon a male nurse named Wes came in and asked us a bunch of questions. He had us make him stand and walk to see if their was any neurological issues. There were none. About 20 minutes later the Doctor came in. His name was Mark and he made a comment about Tayrien's middle name being Mark. He asked a bunch of questions and talked to us about a C.T. scan. He said it puts a lot of radiation into him, so they don't like to do it when they are so little, but he still advised us to do one since he was under two. He probably had to say that to cover his back. I looked at Daniel and he asked more questions about the scan. We then instantly decided to go ahead with it. The Doc said he would order one right away. He also said that it was ok to fall asleep and that when kids get major head injuries it makes them really sleepy, and to let him. So he was already asleep and slept for 30 minutes before he had to go get the scan. This is where I got really scared. Ben got hungry so I took him to a vending machine. He picked out a cherry pop tart. We went back into the room and ate it while they were gone.

Daniel took him back since I am pregnant. He said that he woke up in the cat scan  and started to cry a little. He looked around and then calmed down. Daniel was right there next to him through this. They returned shortly and Tayrien was acting like himself again. We waited for a long time. Ben got hungry again and probably a little bored, so we went out to the vending machine. We met Grandpa Mark there and sent him back to see Tayrien and Daniel. We waited in the waiting room till he came back out. He said that he would wait out there till we heard if the scan was clear. Daniel took Ben and went to the waiting room while Tayrien and I sat in the back room. Shortly after Daniel told me they were going to the cafeteria to eat lunch. The doctor came in not too long after that and told us the scan was clear and that Tayrien has a mild concussion. He gave me a list of things to look for and said I don't have to wake him up when sleeping like a normal concussion. We left to the cafeteria and met the boys. We ate lunch and went home for a nap. I was exhausted. Tayrien took a nap with me. It was nice to hear him breathing while he slept. Daniel took the rest of the day off to help me keep Tayrien safe and Ben occupied. It really helped.

A few days later Tayrien fell into a couch and bit his lip kinda bad. This is the day after and it still looks horrible.


Kori said...

It's amazing boys don't get hurt worse than they do. It'll be a miracle if mine make it to adulthood without major incident.

Michelle C said...

Wow, that was sure a huge ordeal and already on such a rough day. I'm so glad everything ended up being okay. That is strange they were slow about the whole thing and real casual. I love how Daniel was driving fast. That is such a scary thing and you want help 10 minutes ago!! I'm so glad it happened while he was still home so he could help you with the whole process. Such cute pictures of him and what a poor lip.