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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Temple art for kids room - Day 48

The Church is building a new Temple which will become ours once finished. I decided to make some art for the boys room with the new Temple picture. I used an old piece of wood, a regular printed photo from the computer, some ribbon, vinyl, and some modge podge.

I Painted the piece of wood. When it was dried I sanded it to make it look distressed. I have been doing this a lot in my house intentionally because I know if I don't it will end up like that unintentionally anyways.

So I modge podged the printed photo on the wood. I left a big space on the right side to add embellishment. 

Once dried I hot glued the ribbon where I wanted.

I hung the photo above Ben's pillow.
( Ben took this picture. I look horrid, I will judge for you)

I then used my cricut to cut the words, "I'm going there someday" because that is his favorite song and the first one he learned all by himself. I have done vinyl where Ben could get to it and the letters have mysteriously come off. SO I modge podged it to my wall. It just looks like a clear square of shiny stuff around the quote. He loves it and we had a talk about not peeling the letters off. We shall see if it lasts!

Better view of the bunk bed top


Johnston Journal said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the bunk beds and so would love to do that for my boys! The picture is totally awesome too! You have such amazing talent Britt!

Kori said...

Where is the Temple going to be?

ALYN said...

I can't figure out where this temple will be either? Very cute temple picture.