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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa key - Day 134

I saw this idea last year and started on it, but finished it this year. We do not have a chimney so there is this dilemma of how Santa gets in. I found this cute little skeleton key and made a bag to hold it. We put it on the front door knob Christmas ever in case Santa wants the easy way in our house. I painted a key on the front using a freezer paper stencil and fabric paint. It looks a little blobb-ish.

 Ok, so I hate it and before the paint was dry I made something else from book paper, fabric and hot glue. I cut out circles from the book paper and crumpled them up a few different ways. Then I folded each one in half and then half again. So quarter size. Then I glued them onto a felt piece. Then I made a rosette out of red and white fabric and glued it to the center. I put some bling on and then glued the whole thing to the front. I love this so much more than the boring old blob!

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