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Monday, December 12, 2011

Chilly Willy - Day 122

I saw this adorable penguin on etsy and showed Daniel and we both LOVED him. So I made a big one for our house. I started with an old suit of Daniel's and cut a big rectangle about 11" x 21". I gathered the top and made a bottom circle the circumference that would fit the rectangle. Then I attached the bottom and then sewed up the sides. I placed some rice in the bottom for a little stability and then stuffed the heck out of him. Then you cinch the gathered edge closed. I then crocheted a hat to fit Chilly Willy. I sewed the hat to his head. I know my kids well. Then I made his belly and attached it with embroidery thread. Then I made his little arms by sewing an arc out of the suit fabric. I attached them with embroidery floss in the shape of an "X". I used the buttons from the suit as his eyes and put some fleece behind for definition. Then I used the embroidery floss to make a cute triangle nose. We named him Chilly Willy. Daniel said when he was little his mom made a gingerbread man that they all threw around growing up, so I knew that this penguin would as well. With in the first five seconds of me giving it to the boys, he turned into a football! 



Michelle Church said...

SO adorable. I love it and I love his hat! I see he's already part of the family - being thrown to and fro. lol

Jeanie Barney Hills said...


ALYN said...

Darling. I'm a sucker for red and white stripes. And I love penguins.