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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mr. Hammy - Day 139

 I want to introduce you to a friend of mine. Mr. Hammy. We started our friendship at college and has followed me since. He is an ironing buddy. You know when you go to iron a piece of women's clothing that is supposed to be 3D (bust) and it makes weird folds cause the fabric doesn't know where to go? Me. Hammy fixes this problem. He is made especially for placing under bust points and any other 3D part of a garment so you can iron it properly. Also this is a good tool for when you are making a dress shirt. You form the collar here. So his real name is just Ham and I am sure you can find him at fabric stores!

Did you know the difference between a garment looking homemade or store bought is the ironing? It is everything in finishing the look of a garment. So  a little lesson in ironing: There are three components of ironing: Heat, pressure and moisture. Did you know that the average person doesn't leave the iron on the garment long enough for it to do anything? We are so scared of burning that the garment suffers. So you need to have the highest heat you can for the garment, use pressure (that is why the old iron Irons are so heavy), and use the steam button. That is my favorite step in ironing. It totally makes things easier!

Mr. Hammy under the bust of a dress I am making!

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