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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back to Basics Cocoa-Latte Chrome - Day 125

 So I have hot chocolate all the time in the winter, like ALL the time. When I lived in Idaho it was like every day. I had this machine when I lived there and had to sell it before I left. Sad day. I have not replaced it until now (three years later), and I am really excited about it and I thought I would share my thoughts with you and do a product review!

 I bought mine on Amazon and it arrived in three days. Love! So Here is how it arrived.

 Without the box. 

 Love this sticker. I don't think my other one came with this.

 You have to turn the lid sideways to pull off

 The metal bottom is what helps heat the liquid. See the little mixer?

 Other side has the On/Off switch

 Bottom contains the cord wrapped up! (love)

 So I didn't realize this with the last one, but there are recipes in the owners manual! So I chose Honey cocoa. I also used almond milk and carob powder. I grew up on Carob. It comes from a Mediterranean evergreen tree.

 Put everything in the bowl and put the lid on. Then flip the on switch.

 The mixer will heat and mix until the desired temperature is reached. It is awesome. I also like to add candy bars, mint, chocolate chips, Hershey kisses, really anything you want you can put into the mix. That is why I love this machine so much! So the machine will turn off when it is ready. Then you flip the froth switch and lift up the nozzle and let the chocolate out into the cup!
 Notice the on switch will stay on even though the mixer is not mixing. That means it is still on until you turn the switch off. That way if you make a lot people can keep frothing when they dispense and it will stay warm.

 To clean you just lift the top part off the base and wash in warm soapy water. Make sure to twist off the nozzle and wash it too!

I am so happy with this machine. I bought the coco-motion before this the first time and it broke it two uses. This is way more heavy duty. Just beware that if you use a candy bar with nuts, they do not melt and may stop up the nozzle.

There you go! Love in a cup!

1 comment:

Rebekah said...

My brother in law and his wife brought theirs to out little Christmas celebration at the in laws, I LOVED it! I kind of want one for myself now, it always makes your hot cocoa the perfect temperature!