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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just fabulouse - Day 127

 I heard about this website that has designer shoes for all one low price. I was getting really frusterated with the shoes I have been buying not being a great quiality because that is all I can afford. I thought this might help me. So you take this little survey and they send you a bunch of ideas that match your taste. Then all the shoes are the same price and you get free shipping. When I signed up they gave me 50% off my first pair of shoes and I knew right there it was going to be a great relationship! I had to order that day and since tomorrow is my b-day I thought "Yes please!!!" They also have ratings and reviews on the shoes. The one I ordered fits slightly small so I just ordered a little bigger because I hate when my shoes are so small! They also have a way to earn points and use them toward shoes. Awesome! I have always loved shoes and have gotten out of the loop recently so here I go again!
Oh and the shoes at the top.....I totally bought them.

Go check it out:

1 comment:

Jeanie Barney Hills said...

Those shoes are soooooo hot!