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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Christ centered Christmas - Day 103

I purchased a book at Time out for Women by Emily Freeman called “A Christ-Centered Christmas” and started reading it last week. She takes seven points from the birth of Christ and helps us apply them to our Holiday season. We started early and are doing one point each week for FHE, and an extra two during the week until Christmas.

Last night we started with the first point, Mary the mother of Jesus. It talks about her sacrifice and what she might have been thinking. It says “she pondered these things in her heart” so I used that in my lesson last night. We talked about what pondering was, that Christmas is Jesus birthday, and that we need to ponder about him. At the end of each chapter she gives a song, scripture, and an activity that applies that we sang for FHE and then gives the main points of the chapter for a lesson.  The song was Silent Night. The scriptures were Luke 1:25-56 and Luke 2:5-7, 19. The activity she provided was to make a heart ornament and hang it on the Christmas tree or make heart shaped cookies. We collected red paper and cut out a heart. Then we punched a hole and used string to hang it on the tree. It is the first ornament and I think I like that tradition.  Stay tuned to tomorrow, I think we will have another lesson today that I can share with you!

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