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Saturday, March 31, 2012

President Monsen - Day 233

 Ben had his first talk on Sunday. We practiced all week. He was really excited to do it and would give it to anyone who would listen.  I made this cute little sign for him to hold up during his talk. I found this wood plaque at wall-mart for $5. I painted the edges blue and then white all over on top of that. When it was dry I sanded it a bit where there was blue.  Then I cut the phrase using my cricut and vinyl. Then I printed this photo off on my home computer on white paper. I cut it to size and used modge podge all over the plaque. He loves it and points it out every day!

p.s. Ben did great for his first talk. Even if I did all the talking. He held the picture up high!


Anonymous said...

He looks so handsome! I love the picture you made! That will be a good memory for Ben.

Michelle C said...

That's so fun. You're so creative. I would have just had a picture from the library and called it good, lol. It's fun mom can post now. I walked her through it one day and it looks like it's working for her. (: