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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Make up - Day 216

So I have not always been a make up wearer. In high school i was allergic and didn't really care. In college I cared, but missed out on learning which stuff was good. Now I feel like I have a handle on it, so I thought I would share my brands, trips, and tricks with you.

My sister introduced me to this brand of mascara. LOVE it. It makes my lashes look A-May-Zing. It curls and lengthens it, so you don't have to monkey around with an eyelash curler.

I like this blush. I love project runway and they make good blush.

I have used this under eye concealer for a year now. It gets the job done. I like the mouse, because I use a brush, so I get just as much as I need. Any mommy needs under eye make up. You look so refreshed and perky and happy with it! Don't apply very much.

I got this blush pack from target. It was on an end cap and what I liked about it is that you get all these great colors for $4! Serious! Love them all! There are more that aren't pictured under the black.

I use Sonia Kushuk brushes. I have used them since I was married and they are amazing brushes. Did you know that you are supposed to wash your brushes? They last forever. Here is the bag they came in. Target has them.
Here are the brushes. Left-right: Under eye concealer, blush, eyeshadow big, medium, small. You are supposed to use at least three colors of eye shadow. Medium goes on the lid all over. Dark goes just above the crease on your brow at an angle; inner eye is smaller, outer eye bigger. Then the lightest highlight goes on the brow just below the eye brow.
 I just picked out this new lipstick and I LOVE it. I love the color too. It is lip butter and it is smooth. Red makes my eyes pop!
 I apply gloss to the top of every lipstick to keep from looking old. I like clear!
 This is also a new brand of under eye concealer. LOVE it way more than the mouse. it can get really thick, but it is awesome. I put a few dabs on and use the brush to smooth it out and blend.
I don't use a lot of eye liner, but when I do I like this one. It is just like a marker and you draw it on. Super simple.

You can also put white eyeshadow under your eyes, but make sure it is matte, or you will look like a white albino raccoon if you take a picture.

Blue eyeliner makes the whites of your eyes whiter.

Smoothing your eyeshadow softens and blends more. Patting it on makes the color for visible. Choose your look.

Almay has a color coordinated everything to your specific eye color. I am big on oposites to make your eyes pop.

Go have fun! Makeup is supposed to be girly and make you feel pretty. Do what you want. You are beautiful with or without it.


Michelle C said...

That was fun to read!! Maybe I need to try that mascara, I feel like my lashes are disappearing. You have really long lashes that kind of curl on their own right???

Johnston Journal said...

I have a hard time with make-up. It hurts my eyes so bad! I never understood what your mom meant when she said she couldn't wear it. Now, the only type of makeup I can wear is the mineral makeup. Even the mineral mascara. It's pretty expensive but so worth it. I found Eyes Lip Face has a mineral line for $3 a piece which is a pretty good deal, but I still can't wear all of their stuff. :(