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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Comfier than P.J.'s Maxi- Day 231

 So we all have that day when we don't want to get out of our pajamas. Today was my day. I just wanted to crawl back into my warm bed and never wake up. I am in charge of our youth group tonight, so I knew I could only stay in them for so long, before I had to join the rest of the normal humans out there and get ready for the day. So I had a thought. I was saving this knit fabric to make something this weekend, but I jumped the gun and made a really comfy maxi skirt with a yoga band. It literally took 30 minutes including cutting, photo taking, and maybe even this blog posting.

 Pile of fabric from thrift store for $1!!!!!

Fold the fabric in half hot dog way (length wise) 18, 31

 I wanted the skirt to flair so I measured the bottom 31" on each side (total of 62"). The top of the skirt matched my waist at  18" (total of 36"). I marked the measurements with pins, then I started cutting from the top pin to the bottom. It will cut at an angle.

 I do not have a serger and if I use a strait stitch it wouldn't work. I have a stitch called a triple stitch. It does exactly what the name says. It looks like a lightening bolt.

 Waistband: I wanted it to be a yoga band, so I made the thickness 10". The way you measure a waistband is you wrap it around your waist. without stretching the fabric, you want 3/4 of the way around. Ok. So if that was confusing think of the compass. North, East, South, West kind of a compass.  You want the band to start from North and stop at West going clockwise. Th reason you don't want it to measure exactly the circumference of your waist is you want stretch. When you sew it to the skirt, you will pull this band to fit the skirt and that way the skirt won't fall off your hips!

So sew the side together using the same stitch as above.

 To sew the band to the skirt, you need to fold it in half. When sewing over a seam, things have to be even. So

 So when you fold the band make sure each seam is opposite ways and line of the stitching.

 Pin to the skirt and make sure that you use your North, East, South, West when you are pinning. Divide both the band in four equal ways by pinning the compass. Then match up the two compasses. Make sure you stretch the band to match the skirt.

 Folded down

On Barbara

 SOOOOOooooooo comfy. I want to live in it.

So much better than p.j.'s


Anonymous said...

That is so stylish Brittany! Very cute!

Michelle C said...

That is super cute and does look very comfy. How fun you just whipped it up in one day. Love how your manikin is named Barbara. (:

ALYN said...

I would live in it!