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Friday, March 23, 2012

Chandelier take 2 - Day 225

 So if you remember my post from a while ago about my new chandelier This is part two of three. It used to hang really low in the dining room. I knew I had to shorten the chain at the top, but had no clue of how to do this. So I just made a cute scrunched cover that I see in so many fancy places. I chose a neutral color since I wanted the chandelier to stand out, not the fabric.


Chain hiked up

I measured around my chain and cut the fabric in a long rectangle.

 I hemmed all the edges and even applied small strips of Velcro.
I didn't want to do a continuous line of Velcro, because then it would scrunch.

Epic Fail

 It looked horrible. So I just took a needle and some thread and sewed it shut.

So much better. It looks  a little funny to me, but I think I am just not used to it. Once I add the flashy to it, I think it will look even better! Now people won't whack their heads on it!

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