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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Skirt re-fashion - Day 222

  So I love this skirt. I used an old pair of jeans that needed to be thrown out due to all the holes. I had had them since I was 16 and they were my favorite pair so I kept holding onto them. It pained me to cut them, but it's done now!

 Cut just below the back pockets.

You will need 1 yard of fabric. Cut in half length wise. You will have two long rectangles. Sew the short ends together to make one long rectangle.

 Gather one of the long edges.

Pin to the inside of the bottom of the cut jeans.

Sew that seam. Turn right side out. Done! I added little patches and vintage buttons to the jean part.

I love how the finished projects look!

1 comment:

Michelle C said...

Wow, that seems so doable too!! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas. Those patches and buttons add a lot. I love it!! I bet it was so hard to cut the jeans, but now they get to be worn and used!!!!