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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fabric online - Day 223

The one thing I h ate about Branson is there are no good fabric stores. There are two here, but one is geared toward old ladies and the other one is $15/yard aaand it was destroyed in the recent tornado. The  losest quality store is 30 minutes away. So sometimes it is easier and cheaper to order fabric online. I have a few favorites that I go to and I thought I would share with you. I am also open to suggestions for new ones.

The first one is etsy. This is a website geared toward crafty people wanting to sell their creations. The great thing about it is you can buy fabric here too. So I like to look through the projects for inspiration and then find the fabric to go with it.

The second one is fabric.com  I like their selection and their prices are reasonable. I found fabric for my entire summer line for the boys at this site yesterday. You can order swatches too if you need to make sure it matches what you want it to.

The last one is denverfabrics.com I used to use this a lot in college when I couldn't find what I was looking for. I haven't ordered from them in a while, but I am sure they are just as good as before.

I have used ebay in the past when I was looking for a really hard to come by fabric for cheap.

Have you guys ever shopped online for fabric? Which site is your favorite?

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